Is Wave Internet Available In My Area?

If you live along the West Coast, it’s not surprising that you would have heard of Wave. In fact, we’re sure that you have heard enough about this provider to bring you here. After all, why else would you be looking into whether Wave is available in your area or not?

So, let’s get right into this and see if you can get Wave internet services for your home! Additionally, we will also be looking at some of the Wave internet plans and what perks you can get with them.

Was Wave acquired by Astound Broadband?

Wave, RCN, and Grande were all regional ISPs managed under TPG. While they shared resources, all three were independent and focused on particular states and/or areas. Astound united these three ISPs along with some other ISPs and now, they fall under the same umbrella.

So, while these ISPs technically remain the same and continue to serve in the same states and areas, the only thing that has changed is the level and quality of their service.

So, Astound just happens to cover the West Coast via Wave, the northeastern markets via RCN, and solely Texas via Grande. And with Astound Broadband’s dedication and technology, Wave Internet, RCN Internet, and Grande Internet all continue to be great internet options in their respective areas and states. 

Another thing is that they will all be rebranded as Astound Broadband powered by Wave, Astound Broadband powered by RCN, and Astound Broadband powered by Grande. This is just to make the transition easier for the customers.

Other than that, rest assured that you will be getting an award-winning service with Wave or any of the other options. And you can see that Astound Broadband has held strong to that promise and serviceability level by the awards and recognition it receives.

In PCMag’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards, Astound Broadband received the highest-ranking spot for best “Cable Internet Service Provider” and it was also recognized for the seventh year in a row!  

What does Wave Internet Offer?

Wave Internet offers plans ranging from 100 Mbps to 1200 Mbps internet speed. This way it caters to every person’s needs and requirements, whether it is a big family, a few students, gamers, remote workers, and more. Of course, you can’t be sure of all the speeds available to all areas.

To confirm whether that is the case or not, you should call or visit the local service provider’s office and ask them. If you want to contact Wave directly, call 1-844-343-1375.

Wave Internet Plans Internet Speed Price
100 Mbps Internet Plan Up to 100 Mbps

(Offer availability depends on area.)

For the first 24 months in select areas. Equipment is priced separately.
500 Mbps Internet Plan Up to 500 Mbps

(Offer availability depends on area.)

For the first 12 months in select areas. Excluding any surcharges and fees. Pay with Autopay or e-bill to get a $5 discount for 12 months. Equipment is priced separately.
1 Gig Internet Plan Up to 940 Mbps

(Offer availability depends on area.)

For the first 12 months in select areas. Excluding any surcharges and fees. Pay with Autopay or e-bill to get a $5 discount for 12 months. Equipment is priced separately.
1.2 Gig Internet Plan Up to 1200 Mbps

(Offer availability depends on area.)

For the first 12 months in select areas. Excluding any surcharges and fees. Pay with Autopay or e-bill to get a $5 discount for 12 months. Equipment is priced separately.


Where Can I Find Wave Internet services?

Wave offers internet, TV, and phone services in states along the West Coast. More specifically, you can find Wave services in California, Oregon, and Washington. However, it’s hard to find these services in every corner of the state.

So, to make things easier for you and since this is the point of the whole blog, we have made a list of the cities where you can find Wave internet, TV, and phone services. Check out the lists below.


  • West Sacramento 
  • Rocklin
  • Burlingame
  • Lafayette
  • Newcastle
  • Concord 
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Walnut Creek
  • Folsom
  • Granite Bay
  • Penryn
  • San Mateo
  • Redwood City
  • Roseville
  • Auburn
  • Martinez
  • Colfax
  • Lincoln
  • Loomis
  • San Francisco
  • South San Francisco
  • Dixon 
  • Daly City
  • Alamo
  • Winters
  • Redway
  • Woodland
  • Rio Vista



  • Aumsville
  • Stayton
  • Boring
  • Scotts Mills
  • Otis
  • Philomath
  • Gates
  • Silverton South Beach
  • Salem
  • Sandy
  • Lyons
  • Hubbard
  • Gleneden Beach
  • Welches
  • West Linn
  • Turner
  • Woodburn
  • Rhododendron
  • Mulino
  • Lincoln City
  • Molalla
  • Brightwood
  • Seal Rock
  • Sheridan
  • Siletz
  • Aurora
  • Sublimity
  • Mount Angel
  • Gervais
  • Donald
  • Grand Ronde
  • Depoe Bay
  • Canby 
  • Tualatin
  • Willamina
  • Waldport
  • Newport
  • Logsden
  • Wilsonville
  • Mehama Mill City
  • Oregon City




Port Orchard








South Colby





Clear Lake





Echo Lake


Oak Harbor












La Conner

Camano Island








Mount Vernon


North Lakewood




Port Angeles


Port Hadlock

Port Ludlow


Port Townsend


Granite Falls
















Whidbey Island





If you happen to see your city and state on this list, then you can contact Wave customer service at 1-844-343-1375 and sign up for a plan today. However, if you do not find your city and state, unfortunately, that means you can’t sign up for a plan as it is not available. 

Does Wave Offer Any Special Perks or Services?

Every ISP has something that they offer their customer along with their services. It could be a free installation session or it could be a discount for their other services. Whatever it is, it is basically used to draw in customers and show them the benefits of signing up with them.

Wave also has something along those lines. So, let’s take a look at the perks you get when signing up for a service with Wave!

Contract-Free Services

The best thing about Wave is that all of its services are contract-free. Contracts can be a hassle when it comes to services like the internet and TV.

The reason behind this is simple. Imagine if you have just moved to a new state and as you are setting up your home and the internet service, you think you might not have to change the internet anytime soon so you sign the contract. 

What if a few months into the contract, you realize that the service you are getting is not exactly what you signed up for? Maybe the internet speed is slower than you thought or you keep running into multiple connectivity issues.

Whatever the reason, you need to change your internet service provider. You go to ask your current ISP about the contract termination charges and you are hit with a huge amount.

You can’t possibly pay that! After all, why would you pay so much just to cancel the service, when you could easily sign up for a new service with that money? This is exactly what you avoid when you sign up for a contract-free service.

With Wave, you will not be forced to sign any contracts for any of their services. It will just be like a monthly subscription that you have to pay for every month. Whenever you feel like canceling your subscription, you can do it, without any added charges. This way Wave wins over the loyalty of so many of its customers.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Signing up for a new internet service can be scary and confusing. You don’t know how good the service is and you don’t want to be scammed either.

Well, in that case, the best possible solution would be to get a trial period, don’t you think? Not only will you get to confirm that you are not being scammed, but you also get to see how good the service is firsthand. You can also determine if the speed is right for you or if you need to increase or decrease it.

Wave makes it easier for you by giving you not only a few days for the trial, but you get a whole month free of cost! This is how much confidence Wave has in its services and it goes to show that they are meeting and even exceeding the customers’ expectations. 

But of course, there are some terms and conditions and a set of procedures that need to be followed to get this opportunity. If you like the service and decide to sign up, then you will be charged for that one month.

If you don’t like it, you will get your money back, but you have to let Wave know within the 30-day time frame. 

Award-Winning Customer Service

Astound Broadband is an award-winning provider with different awards lined under its belt. It is an understood fact that every service or feature about Wave is bound to be on that level as well.

Not only does Wave have excellent internet, TV, and phone service, but it excels even in terms of additional services or perks. You can contact Wave on the official phone number, email, social media pages, retail stores, and more.

Does that Answer Your Question?

We started this blog talking about Wave, RCN, and Grande all uniting under the same umbrella of Astound Broadband. Later on, we moved to Wave internet plans, and availability, where we have given you a list of cities and areas for each of the states where Wave serves.

We also highlighted the perks Wave brings along with its award-winning services. While there is so much more that we could tell you about Wave, we don’t want to drown you in information. 

So, for now, this is all you need to know at the moment! If you wish to learn more, you can always reach out to Wave’s official website!


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