5 Unique CBD Gifts For The Workout Warriors

CBD has become a helpful cannabinoid for many people, including gym-goers and athletes. Let us find out why that is the case and which unique products from brands like CBDistillery make great presents.×608/products/3037/7232/CBD_BUNDLE_HIGH_POTENCY__28765.1618251854.jpg?c=2

What gifts suit a gym junkie?

Anyone exercising a lot knows the pains of running through a particularly tough routine. Aches, pains, cramps, and inflammation are all part of the process. Professional athletes also face the same. People often take pain reliever pills, apply balms, etc. But in the past few years, many have shifted to alternative medicinal products. And that includes things like cannabidiol or CBD. 

So, what is it?

Cannabidiol, as its name suggests, is a derivative of the cannabis plant. Also obtained from hemp, it can be the solution to various problems. These include pain relief, treatment of anxiety, and neurological disorders such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. As CBD is a cannabinoid, after all, you might be worried about its side effects and legality. But do not worry.

It is considered safe according to many clinical studies. Besides, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not have any psychotic effects on human beings. So, you can take it without any qualms up to a particular dosage. That is why it is legal in many countries, including the USA. But any cannabidiol product must be sourced correctly (typically, hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC).

How does using CBD help gym enthusiasts?

As we mentioned before, exercising a lot can exert your body physically. So, to cope with that, many gym enthusiasts rely on pain medications, including both opioids and non-opioids. But these can be addictive and lead to more harm than good to the body. That is why they opt for a more reliable option, CBD. It can help heal inflammation and pains resulting from working out. People with chronic pain, be it back pain, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, or fibromyalgia, can also benefit from its usage.

In addition, it is also helpful for arthritis patients. But how does CBD do all this? While more tests and studies are required, a general mechanism is in practice. Our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), containing receptors. These get signals, according to which they stimulate different responses in the body. So, if you are in pain after a long stretch of exercising, these receptors deliver a pain signal. But cannabinoids such as CBD can interfere with this effect. Instead, they create an anti-inflammatory and ache-less response by interacting with the ECS. That helps you cope with the pain much more quickly.

What CBD gifts will gym enthusiasts like?

CBD as a compound sits well with many people. So, we use it in the formulation of several fitness products. And what can be a better present for fitness enthusiasts other than such goods? Thus, if the festival season is around the corner or you want to share the joy by gifting things, look into cannabidiol fitness products. Here we will mention five CBD goodies that you want to get your hands on!

  1. CBD oils:

Oils and tinctures are a common way of consuming CBD and similar compounds. You have to take a measured amount of oil under your tongue and let it absorb. The recommended dosage depends on the user’s tolerance levels. So, if they are starting, half a dropper should be refined. But once they are accustomed to it, we might need a whole dropper or more for the best results. These oils are also available in various flavors. So, choose the giftee’s favorite when making the purchase.

  1. The gummies: 

If you want to give a cannabidiol product to a person with a sweet tooth, CBD gummies are the way to go! They come in various flavors and are combined with multivitamins. So, they are not only tasty but also healthy. All the user should do is pop two gummies in and enjoy! As usual, they can up the dosage. That depends on the severity of their injury or pain. If the giftee is a vegan, many brands offer an option. So, choose the best one and win hearts with your thoughtful gift.×608/attribute_rule_images/56124_source_1605032080.jpg

  1. Roll-ons:

The above were oral methods of consuming the drug. But many users often want targeted treatment for their pain. If their legs are hurting from doing too many push-ups, they want to heal the leg aches. That is when something like a CBD roll-on works best. Such topical treatments are pretty easy to use and are effective as per studies. So, get a good-quality organic CBD roll-on as a gift. And your giftee is bound to be 100 percent satisfied!

  1. CBD patches:

While roll-ons work great as topical treatments, they can rub off easily if you sweat a lot. And let us be honest, gym enthusiasts are typically dripping with sweat. So, they will prefer something like a CBD patch. Besides, it is pretty easy to conceal. You can use one patch for several days at a time. And that is ideal for rolling out the correct doses over a period. Besides, if a user is forgetful about applying a roll-on or taking an oil, the patches can be a great idea. So, a pack of such patches makes an excellent gift for every occasion.

  1. CBD bath salts: 

Although we take CBD for pain, it does not have to be a tedious ordeal. A warm bath after a gym session is always a great way of getting rid of the grime and fatigue. Adding a handful of 100 CBD bath salts to the warm water will alleviate the experience. They can heal the pain while soothing your mind after a hard workout, ready to energize you for the next one. So, order some from your trusted store and wrap it up to make a present!


CBD is a booming industry, with thousands of products available. Many of them are ideal for gym-goers. So, if you have a tough time choosing a gift for a friend, family member, or significant other, you can pick one of them up. You can even get one for yourself as a reward. But be sure to do so only under the guidance of a healthcare provider. 


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