7 Best Articles to Buy and Re-sell on Amazon

You will be glad to know that Amazon provides opportunities for earning livelihoods to millions of people directly and indirectly. It is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world where buyers and sellers meet. But how to choose the best profit margin items is 100 million dollars questions? Have you got so many resources to purchase a huge variety of items in order to check which one generates the good profit? Trade experts are there to solve this riddle. They are rendering their services to train both parties to select profitable items for buying and reselling. These experts provide guidance with thorough analysis and help the stakeholders to follow the criteria while making any trade decision. Following these criteria, a good seller needs to figure out the 7 best articles to buy and re-sell on Amazon.

What are the criteria for choosing Profitable items?

Once you have decided to work as an Amazon reseller you are required to select the good profit generating items to resell. But with thousands of items being marketed online how would you choose? Here are some important points to keep in mind while making a product selection decision.

Less Competition

To segregate the product niche is a good tactic which a reseller should deeply observe. You are required to understand the competitors’ activities smartly. A good seller always wisely purchases. Half of the selling has been made if you purchase the lowest competition product at a reasonable price.

Stable Demand

It is no more a herculean task to sort out trending consumer products. Research tools are readily available in the market to check the analytics of ever-demanding products. You being a good seller are not supposed to select the product which has seasonal demand.

Smaller size and lesser weight

A good reseller should select the items which are smaller in size and lesser in weight as more delivery charges will have to be paid for heavy-weight items. In this case, you will be left with low-profit margins.

Daily Usage

Customers buy groceries and other worn-out items on regular basis. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) can be the best source of earning profits. Although these cheap items may earn a lesser proportion of profit yet their frequent purchase may compensate the resellers.

7 best items for Reselling

1. Toys

Toys are always a source of nostalgia.  Watching these toys in some brick-and-mortar store or in an online shop reminds everyone about his happy memories. They have never-ending demand. Technology has changed their features but love for toys is naturally imbibed in every child. You can pool good profit margins while selecting simple and fascinating articles like Cars, bikes, and dolls.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is a highly demanding item for women. Ornaments, smaller in size and lighter in weight are a good source of profit. These lightweight items reduce shipping costs. There are no hard and fast rules for trading this product category on Amazon except Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and other precious metals.

3. Books

Amazon is a good market for the online trading of books. E-books are replacing physical books as the readers are becoming space conscious. Yet the Importance of books can never be denied. Online books can be purchased in a glimpse of an eye. They can be easily handled. Soft copies of books can be studied even riding public transport.

4. Sports Items

Sports items like badminton rackets, balls shuttles, bats, hockey, footballs, and a lot of such other articles are a good source of online trading at Amazon. Sports wares, towels, shoes, and exercise equipment are also very popular articles among players. Resellers can easily manage to purchase and deliver these articles without any hindrance.

5. Cameras

The selfie has become the most favorite hobby of all classes of people. Mobile phones have captured the market very speedily. Yet photography geeks find it comfortable to capture with the help of High Definition (HD) Cameras. Selling accessories for these cameras is also a good niche to get into.

6. Mobile Phones Cases

A large no of Mobile phone users likes to keep their smartphones in cases. These small and lightweight cases can be good articles for generating a lot of sales. There is no risk of these cases getting damaged during shipping.

7. Watches

Versatile watches are a good source of attraction. A good-looking wrist watch enhances the personality. These are small and lightweight items to increase the customers base. A variety of watches can be sold to earn a good proportion of profit.

Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq is a freelance writer, digital marketer, tech enthusiast and, educationist from Pakistan. He runs Geekydecade (a Business Marketing Blog) to spread business and marketing awareness among the masses.

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