A Guide To Clean Your Water Bongs Effectively

Bongs are magnificent smoking paraphernalia that helps take your cannabis smoking experience to the next level. Water bongs pass the hot smoke through cool water, which filters the smoke and cools it down. The cooler smoke is easier to inhale, and the smoker gets smoother hits using bongs. 

With the regular use of water pipes or bongs, the cannabis resins start depositing on the inside walls of the bong. Over time, these deposited resins create a yellow layer on the glass, which stinks and makes your bong look dirty. Eventually, the bongs become useless because the grime buildup restricts the smoke from passing through. It also discolors the water and affects the flavor of the cannabis, giving it a stale taste of grime.

Why Should You Clean Your Bongs?

Smoking from a dirty bong can create a lot of health concerns. The grime and resin buildup can develop mold inside the dirty bong. When you smoke from such a dirty bong, there are high chances of the mold entering your lungs through your mouth, causing various health conditions like lung infections. Though the water significantly reduces the particles entering your lungs, a dirty bong can make matters worse.

Moreover, a dirty bong can draw unnecessary embarrassment if you smoke socially with friends. If you are a true cannabis connoisseur, you need to take care of your smoking device as well. It will help you maintain a dignified image among your peers, and to be honest, never pull out a dirty bong when you smoke socially. 

What are the Steps to Thoroughly Clean Your Bong?

Water bongs are made of glass which makes them very fragile and delicate. New bong users can find it challenging to clean the bong because it is difficult to reach inside it. 

Here are the steps that will help you get a squeaky clean bong:

  1. Detach removable parts – Bongs are made of detachable parts like a mouthpiece and bowl. You can remove them to make the cleaning easier. It is also good not to wet the bowl while cleaning the bong.
  2. Remove the old water – Over several uses, the bong water becomes sticky and gummy and smells terrible. It may not be advisable to pour it into the sink as it might cause resin buildup inside the drain. You can put it into an adequately sealed trash bag and throw it in the trash. 
  3. Put the bong inside a zip-lock bag – Take a gallon-sized zip-lock bag and place your bong inside it. It will keep all the mess in one place. If you do not have a ziplock bag, you can use a trash bag or hold the bong over a kitchen sink.
  4. Add isopropyl alcohol to the bag – Pour isopropyl alcohol onto the bong. The isopropyl alcohol helps remove the stains, gunk, and grime from the bong surface. It also helps remove the resins and stick layer from the inside and outside of the bong. You can fill up the bag according to your bong size.
  5. Add salt to the bag – Though the isopropyl alcohol removes all the grime and resins, the salt provides an additional scrubbing effect to remove excess dirt. Make sure you choose the right amount to avoid scrubbing the surface and damaging your bong.
  6. Seal the bag and shake – You can lock the bag once you add everything and ensure enough water to cover the bong. Once you secure it, you can shake the bag to let water, alcohol, and salt do their magic. Make sure you firmly hold the bag, or it might slip and break the bong. 
  7. Let it sit for 30 minutes – Now, leave the bag for 30 minutes so the alcohol can remove all the grime and stains. And keep it in a secure place. 
  8. Remove the bong – After 30 minutes, remove the bong from the bag and throw the bag into the trash. Clean the bong with warm water and soap to remove the traces of salt and alcohol.


Cleaning the water bongs should be an essential part of your routine if you are a frequent user. The bong gets dirty after 2-3 uses and needs regular cleaning to keep it clean. 


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