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Ahmad Rashad Net Worth

Ahmad Rashad is a retired football player and sportscaster. In his career, he played with the St. Louis Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings, as well as from his career as a television sportscaster for NBC and ABC. He has a total net worth of $10 Million.

Net Worth

Ahmad Rashad Net Worth is almost at $10 Million which he made in his football and sportscaster career, a net worth of $10 million is very good for a football player, full history is as follow:

2018$1m USD
2019$3.5m USD
2020$8m USD
2021$10m USD

Early Life

Ahmad Rashad was born Robert Earl Moore in Portland, Oregon in November 1949. Ahmad Rashad got a football scholarship and played wide receiver and then ran back for the University of Oregon. In 1971 he was an All-American and in 2007 was named to the College Football Hall of Fame. He has been married five times, most notably to Cosby Show actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen. His fourth wife was Sale Johnson, who is the daughter of Johnson & Johnson billionaire and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. After converting to Islam in 1972 he took the name Ahmad and took his last name from his mentor Ahmad Rashad Khalifa.


Football and Caster

In the NFL Ahmad Rashad played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, and Minnesota Vikings. He was a four-time Pro Bowl selection, where he won the Pro Bowl MVP in 1978. He had 44 touchdowns in the NFL as a wide receiver which is very good. He made what is known as the Miracle Catch in 1980. He also holds a record for the longest play that did not score a touchdown (98 yards).

After his football playing days, he worked for ABC and NBC as a studio anchor and game reporter. He was the host of the show NBA Inside Stuff. In 2003 Ahmad Rashad joined the Golf Channel’s show Morning Drive. 

Film and TV-Shows

  • Best of the Best in 1989 – Five American fighters make their way to Korea for an international martial arts tournament, where they face opponents who are much ahead of them in terms of technique and skills.
  • Jailbirds in 1991 – A bayou woman (Dyan Cannon) and a Los Angeles career woman (Phylicia Rashad) share handcuffs and differences on the run in Louisiana.
  • Caesars Challenge in 1993 – 1994 – Caesars Challenge is an American game show that aired on NBC from June 14, 1993, to January 14, 1994, and emanated from the Circus Maximus Theatre inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • NBA Hardwood Classics: Courtside Comedy in 1996
  • Real TV in 1996 – 2001 – A reality show that features footage of extraordinary events that were not usually covered in mainstream news.
  • Michael Jordan to the Max in 2000
  • NBA on NBC in 1954 – 2002 – News and interviews from the National Basketball Association.
  • Like Mike in 2002 – Calvin, an orphan, finds a pair of old shoes with the letters MJ inscribed on them. When he tries to reach for them, he is struck by lightning that renders him with superb basketball prowess.
  • The Mole in 2001 – 2008 – A group of fourteen American strangers undertake an array of physical and mental challenges.
  • One on One With Ahmad Rashad – Candid interviews with some of the NBA’s biggest personalities.
  • Celebrity Mole Hawaii – A group of fourteen American strangers undertake an array of physical and mental challenges
  • Michael Jordan: His Airness – From his days as a child in North Carolina to his retirement from the Chicago Bulls in 1999, His Airness takes you on a journey through Michael Jordan’s career.

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