Amazon Opens New Horizons For Business in Pakistan

Amazon’s biggest move to include Pakistan in its sellers’ list means that local Pakistani businessmen now can avail platform of Amazon to sell globally. Though this golden opportunity will not only facilitate sellers but also provide a push to the services industry. Apart from opening new business horizons for sellers, vivid doors of diversified markets will be opened for the country. Along with a positive boost to e-commerce, local marketers will capture more market share. Hence, Amazon opens new horizons for business in Pakistan

Affiliate Accounts

Amazon is going to equip the sellers with affiliate accounts. These associate accounts will help the sellers to reap up benefits of earning even without huge investment. Youth passed out from universities will avail this privilege as Pakistan will be a good market for entrepreneurs in this regard.

Technology Oriented Business

Working on Amazon is not going to be so linear as sellers on this platform have to equip themselves with advanced technology, business ethics, search engine optimization (SEO) to rank themselves in top sellers’ list. Amazon hosts millions of independent sellers on its platform, who are required to provide banking details and other necessary information to open their sellers’ account.

Working Style of Amazon

Amazon with its network in more than 100 countries provides convenience of registration to all large as well as small merchants. It not only provides selling platform to its stakeholders but also offers hands on advice to various industries like textile, medical, garments, sports etc. to boost up their selling experiences. Online services of various banking and other financial institutions like Payoneer, Wise etc will be complementary to support merchandising on Amazon. It means services support sector will also flourish with mainstream.

Products cum services

Technology geeks from Pakistan like “Enablers” and Extreme commerce” on their own are doing their best to work as virtual assistants. They are not only working themselves but also helping others through webinars and You tube channels to learn about vast operations of Amazon like product research, sourcing, listings, logistics and advertising.

User Experience

Robust growth of e-commerce in Pakistan during covid-19 has proven the tendency that people of Pakistan are ready to shop online. Masses all over Pakistan during Pandemic have found it quite convenient to get the products available at their door step. They enjoyed wonderful experience to pay electronically.

Global Markets

Following developed countries of the world can be helpful for Pakistani businessmen to expand their selling business with the help of Amazon

  • UK
  • USA
  • France
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Spain

How to deal at Amazon

In Demand Business Models

Following are the in demand business models which could be recommended to launch business operations at Amazon

  • Drop shipping
  • Handmade
  • Re-selling
  • Private Label wholesale

Fulfillment Method

Following two types of methods for selling products can be adopted by any seller on Amazon

i. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Sellers dispatch the Products directly to Amazon warehouse using this method. This method is found convenient and used by 94% of the sellers. Customer support department stocks the received inventory and ships directly to the customer.

ii. Fulfillment by Merchant( FBM)

Sellers using this method only list their products on Amazon. Other selling support activities shipping, storage, customer support are performed by themselves or they hire the services of 3rd party. This method is also called Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) and is used by 34% of sellers to float their products.

Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq is a freelance writer, digital marketer, tech enthusiast and, educationist from Pakistan. He runs Geekydecade (a Business Marketing Blog) to spread business and marketing awareness among the masses.

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