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Amazon, the technology giant adds another feather in its cap. Exploring more horizons, it has entered the health sector. Its Tele- health services are impeccable. Amazon Tele-Health care USA plans to provide virtual and in-health home services to its employees. Babak Perviaz, the company’s executive said in an interview that Amazon is going to expand its Tele-healthcare services to employees of other companies in the USA as well.

Amazon launched its pharmacy, an online prescription fulfillment service, in 2018. It launched its Tele-Health pilot program in 2019. It provided free Telehealth services, whereas nurses were involved in-home paid services for vaccination and testing.  Its Pilot Testing got good reviews from the public. Masses all over the country showed it utmost belief in its Tele-Health services. Being encouraged from its pilot testing program, It intends to expand its added in-person services to other cities like Baltimore and Washington DC.

An official from Amazon Telehealth services stated, “We are eyeing to expand our e-care services to other geographies like village and remote areas of the country. Amazon is to hire thousands of additional employees to run this project. “Advancing further, it signed a joint venture with Berkshires Hathaway and JP Morgan to ameliorate “employee health program”.

Amazon signs with Precor, as its first international client to provide e-health care services. It announces to expand its services to all 50 states including countrysides. Its Tele-health care services involve flu and covid-19 treating, illness and injuries treatment, vaccination, sexual health,  preventive care,  refills and delivery,  prescription, and other health services.

Amazon, the technology giant, is going to face tough market competition from already existing Telemedicine players like Teladoc and One Medical. Yet with its ever-expanding platform, Amazon is determined to grab major health market share by providing quality treatment. It has diversified in Tele-health services for bringing the treatment of following t :

  • Asthma
  • Hypertension
  • Arteries Blockages
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety

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