Beginner’s Guide to Choose the Best Eyelash Boxes

A makeup look is incomplete without wearing a false eyelash. They are widely used for enhancing overall beauty. Our eyes are the most prominent thing in the face. So, it helps in making them look more prominent and bigger. It also overcomes the dull and droopy look of your eyes. Moreover, it gives an instantly thick effect on your lashes. The use of eyelashes has become a norm now. Therefore, the cosmetic world is striving hard in making Custom Eyelash Boxes attract customers.

Women have become obsessed with them. As it makes them look classier. A makeup vanity box is incomplete without keeping them. Certainly, it has become a must-have essential for makeup boxes. Due to the immense interest of women, the cosmetic market is striving hard. They are trying their best in making the best false lashes for women.

As the need for eyelashes has become to great extent. Therefore, the market has introduced different eyelashes with distinct features. Now it is difficult for beginners to choose the best for themselves. Since every Brand has introduced their lashes. They all differ in style, size, and differences. Different brands use distinct Eyelash Boxes Packaging which makes their style quite different. So, if you are struggling in deciding the best eyelashes for yourself. Then this guide will help you a lot.  Following are the points which you should keep in mind before buying any type of falsies.

Identify Your Comfort Eyelash Boxes Zone

The first and foremost step before choosing any type of eyelashes is to understand your comfort zone. Ask yourself whether you have sensitive eyes? Do you wear contact lenses? These answers are mandatory as they will narrow down your choice. If you love to create a dramatic makeup look then you should opt for lightweight falsies. These types of falsies are packed in custom eyelash boxes. Similarly, if your eyes cannot bear a heavy lash, these lightweight lashes are perfect.  As they will make you feel comfortable a lot.

Ultra-lightweight lashes are easy to apply and do not make your eyes heavy. Your eyes look instantly beautiful using them. In the same way, if you are comfortable with wearing heavy lashes. You can go for them. It totally depends on your comfort level. The heavy lashes are also packed in cheap custom eyelash boxes. In short, you should choose the most comfortable falsies for yourself. Once you identify your comfort level, you can select them.

Choose Falsies with Your Eye Size

It is very important to remember the eye size before buying the falsies. As you have to apply them to your eyes, so should it according to them. Many types of falsies are available in the market. Choose which perfectly suits your eyes.  Custom eyelash boxes wholesale is specifically made for different sizes of falsies. They have also specified the size of the box. So, this way people easily understand whether it is good for them or not.

If you have small eyes then you can easily choose the mini eyelashes for your size. Similarly, larger eyes require a strip lash style. If you find them long, you can easily trim them with scissors. Similarly, you can also adjust their size by cutting them from the inner corners.


Black color is quite common in eyelashes. But still, some people like to buy color lashes. There is a wide variety of colored lashes. You can choose the one which suits your personality. Colored eyelashes are packed in different custom eyelash boxes wholesale. They all are beautifully adorned with design. This immediately grasps the attention of the audience.  People who are not blessed with good lashes should go for brown lashes. As it gives a subtle glam to their face. Likewise, people who prefer a natural makeup look can go with brown lashes.

On the other hand, if you want to elevate your makeup game. You can go with colored lashes like blue, green, and plum. They are perfect for people who like to experiment with makeup looks. These colors are best in giving a glam look to your face. The black thick lashes are quite common and are preferable to people who like to put falsies.

Strip Lashes

Once you go through with the above point. The next option you can get while buying the falsies is strip lashes. Though these lashes require a difficult application. But they are totally worth it. Once you master it, the whole process becomes quite easy. As they are best in giving a subtle eyelash touch to your face. Strip lashes are also beautifully packed in custom eyelash boxes.  There are different kinds of strip lashes available in the market. You can choose the brand which you like the most.

Things You Would Require for Strip Lashes

  • Tweezers or any kind of applicator—this will help in applying them more easily.
  • An adhesive or glue—will help in pasting them over the real lashes. Since the lash strip has to be pasted between them, they require a good adhesive.
  • Mirror—this is mandatory.

How to Select the Best Adhesive Eyelash Boxes?

Choosing a Boxed Packaged Goods quality adhesive is quite important. So, it has to be strong. Some Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes also include an adhesive in them. Likewise, some do not give it. Following are the key points that will help you to choose the best adhesive.

Clear tone adhesive—selecting a clear tone adhesive is a good idea for beginners. It comes in a clear white tone. It gets dry easily. Some custom eyelash boxes give them to users.

Dark tone adhesive—This type of adhesive gives a black finishing. It works like a liner, so while using it you can miss a liner part. Its dark tone helps in making a thin layer over your eyes.

Latex-free adhesive—people who have sensitive skin should go for it. as it is quite good for people with sensitive skin. It does not cause any kind of allergy. You will not face any kind of skin problems while using it.

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