Best Ways to Design Eco-friendly

Overview of custom cookie boxes 

All and sundry cookie manufactures remain edgily about how they can pack their cookies in a better way. Cookie security is of utmost importance and never be neglected if you want to become the best seller. However, the bakeries have the option to opt for the pre-made cookies boxes; it just serves the purpose to cover your cookies with a layer of packaging and nothing less.

On the other hand, custom cookie boxes (Offered by the City Of Packaging) play a vital role in promoting your brands, build customers’ trust and increase the shelf life of your luscious cookies as well. Customization offers the choice to clients pick various factors as per their choice. Here is the list of aspects that you can select according to your interest.

  • Material
  • Coatings
  • Foiling
  • Sizes
  • Security material
  • Styles and designs
  • Lamination
  • Window cutouts

Why do bakeries need Eco-friendly cookie boxes?

The previous part explains the importance of custom cookie boxes, but now we see why bakeries and cookies box suppliers need to pay attention to Eco-friendly cookie boxes. Such boxes are decomposable and biodegradable so that not become a threat to our atmosphere.  As we all know that, in 2002, the World Bank provides Millennium Development Goals that have one worldwide goal to ensure environmental sustainability is acquire by using nature-friendly bakery boxes packaging solutions that do not make the cause of fear for human beings and below specious water life.

Apart from this, in 2015, Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030 for 15 years of life span to acquire healthy life on land, life below water, positive climate action, best consumption, and waste management, and clean water for every person acquires globally.  And all these aspects are interrelated with pollution and maximum industrial waste. Therefore, if we can overcome the cause of pollution and industrial waste, then we are able to achieve this. Due to this, you need to use organic bags and recycle bale or decomposable material to pack your products and play their role in the green environment.

How can you make your custom cookie boxes nature-friendly?

You can make your wholesale custom cookie packaging nature-friendly in versatile ways. It is not a difficult task to design the perfect and sublime dessert box that helps you to contribute to the green environment. Now it’s time to know the steps that you can follow to make up-to-the-mark cookie packaging boxes.

Use Kraft bags and pouches for cookies 

Kraft bags and pouches are also used to make tall cake boxes. They are the best sources to present your cookies in front of your target audiences. This type of cookie packaging is made from Kraft paper and material in different styles. Kraft has the superb ability to absorb moisture and tear resistance, so it is best to provide security to your products. Plus, these bags are best to pack two, four, and six pieces of cookies securely. If your want, then you can patch the PVC window plastic on die-cuts as per your choice.

Cardboard tailored made gable boxes for cookies 

A cardboard cookie box is a superlative way to pack your cookies in a box that gives a glossy and smooth surface to attract your users. Add to this; cardboard craft in versatile shapes and styles that provide the enchanting look of your cookies to make an apple eye in the rest of others. The most stylish structural dimension for your yummy cookies is a custom gable box

Such cute cookie boxes have a handle on the top and intelligently folding the cardboard paper for assembling in the complete chic look. Plus, you can fabricate such boxes as per your required size for cookie packaging boxes. If you want high-quality gable boxes for cookies, then you can visit the City Of small cookie boxes Packaging for more info.

Apply aqueous coating on custom printed cookie boxes 

Sometimes the printing information on printed cookie packaging containers misprint and vanish due to moisture or sun rays. So, applying the aqueous coating on your cookie containers for shipping boxes helps them enhance the life of printed text likewise; logo, brand name, and other informational text to increase your brand value. Although the use of coatings increases your cost per box, it eventually helps you win the consumers’ trust.

Use UV coating to protect from sun damage 

In 2008, the US FOOD and Drug Administration approved to use of UV coatings for direct food packaging. Basically, the UV coatings are a shiny and glossy coating applied on the printed paper and cured on a special printing press using ultraviolet lights. Furthermore, this coating on your paper cookie boxes cures your inside products when exposing harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Annexation of high-quality barrier coatings on cookie packaging 

Our next point is to use the barrier coating on a unique cookie packaging box to provide a barrier from environmental effects. Barrier coatings are water-based coatings that turn the material of cookie boxes into hyper-performing food packaging material that ensure super functionality, recyclability, and safety. Such coatings have further two types that use in food and bakery boxes for cookies packaging.

  • Extomine barrier coatingSuch inks are water-borne barrier coating that is based on acrylic co-polymers that easily blend with other elements of food cartons and provide long shelf life.
  • Earthlink’s barrier coatingSuch coatings are up to 100% natural, organic and eco-friendly. Next to this, such EarthInks barrier coating is bio-based and used for cooked food as well as vending market materials. Also, such coatings are highly tailored for cookie shipping boxes as per your food requirement and baked items like cookies or donuts.
    Best ways to design Eco-friendly and customised cookie boxes
    Best ways to design Eco-friendly and customized cookie boxes

Use of toxin less material for custom cookie boxes 

A good cookie box is like a cake box. So, Commonly, cookie manufacturers use packaging boxes that contain high chemicals and toxins that contaminate the content packed inside the box. These chemicals and contaminated compounds are harmful to the person’s health and affect them badly. So, ask your cookie box packaging suppliers in the USA to provide flexible and toxin-less packaging boxes made from nature-friendly material. In this regard, Bux and Kraft are best to secure a person’s health from such type hazards chemical.

Kraft handle cookie boxes for easy to carry 

As a cookie manufacturer, you need to focus on facilitating your end-user to provide the best unboxing experience. Especially it needs meditation for manufacturers that how to package cookies for shipping? Sometimes it becomes very tricky for your customers how they can hold the cookies in their hand with more luggage. At this moment, stylish handle cookie boxes play their role to provide ease in convenient holding cookies with other things in customers’ hands with takeaways services.

Cardboard made fence partitions and dividers 

Some cookies are sensitive, and miner shaking of the cookie box, bags, or pouches makes the cause of damage. So, to provide solid unbroken cookies, you need to use dividers and partitions in the cookie box. For this purpose, you can choose the option of cardboard fence partitions and dividers for cookie boxes to securely serve your products to your end-users.

Pro Tip: You can get cardboard dividers and partitions in custom sizes from the City Of Packaging at market-leading pieces.

Use Plastic tray in cookie box to protect cookies from collusion 

To separately place your cookies, you can use a plastic tray to insert in your cookie packaging. Commonly, such trays are transparent, brown, black, and rose-colored. Also, these trays have pockets in various sizes likewise; it is available in 2-piece, 3 pieces, 4 pieces, 6 pieces, 12 pieces to place multiple flavors of cookies. So, you pick the pastry box tray size according to your need.

Bring richness in your cookie packaging to sustain your cookies

Another perk of cookie packaging containers is to add the opulent and bold effect to make the power bank gain customers’ attention on the bakery shelf. The first step to making them rich is to select the natural material cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated. But, you can increase the beautification of your cookie boxes by adding some 3D graphic motifs, additional add-on with the sophisticated color scheme. Plus, the used foil stamping for the lesser part of the box also plays a vital role in making them aesthetic and lush for your cookie boxes wholesale to your target audiences.

Elucidate up discussion 

The aforementioned discussion is quite to explain how to design your own cookie boxes. It surpasses traditional ways to design Eco-friendly cookie boxes. Therefore, you need to choose Kraft boxes with a versatile design; likewise, handle boxes, gable boxes, individual cookie boxes, pillow boxes, 1-2-3 auto bottom, 2 –pieces boxes, and cookie boxes in bulk for cookies. Plus, you can choose plastic trays, fence partitions, and dividers that are constructed from decomposable material as per your budget. So, now it’s your turn to bring richness to your custom cookie boxes to sustain your products.

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