Introducing BMW Roadside Assistance – Your Partner in Emergency Situations

BMW is committed to the safety and security of their customers on the road, and they want to provide them with the best possible experience in any situation.

That’s why they’re proud to announce the introduction of BMW roadside assistance, available to all BMW drivers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day via the BMW Roadside Assistance app. With this tool, you’ll never have to get worried about finding help when you need it most.

The BMW Roadside Assistance program offers you year-round assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whether you’re at home or out on the road, we’re here to take care of you and make sure that your drive remains pleasant, even in the event of emergencies. Here are some of the services provided by the BMW Roadside Assistance program.

What is BMW Roadside Assistance?

BMW Roadside Assistance is an optional service that provides peace of mind for drivers, should they need to call for help. With this plan, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back and will make sure you’re well taken care of in emergencies 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

If you ever run into trouble on your travels, Their skilled technicians are here to get you out of it quickly and safely. All you have to do is call for help. They provide roadside assistance anywhere within the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

As part of the package, they also provide up to four wheel alignment repairs per year and unlimited oil changes which are included at no additional cost. Roadside assistance may not be available in Alaska or Hawaii without additional charge.

What Services are Included?

BMW Roadside Assistance is an essential component of every new or used vehicle purchase. Simply put, it’s a way to make sure you’re well taken care of no matter the emergency. On top of that, any service performed under this program will be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty!

For example, if you need a tow after your car breaks down on the side of the road- even if it’s 4am on a Sunday- BMW Roadside Assistance can help. If your battery dies and you’re not close enough to home or the nearest service station, they’ll provide assistance too.

No matter what time of day, they’re there for you with full coverage for all services included as part of your agreement with BMW Roadside Assistance.

How do I Use BMW Roadside Assistance?

BMW Roadside Assistance is designed to help you get your car back on the road quickly when unexpected circumstances arise.

If your car breaks down, has been stolen, or was involved in an accident, simply call them and they we’ll be there with you within two hours.

Whatever the emergency, they are here to help. Available at participating dealerships only. Certain exclusions apply.

What are the Benefits of BMW Roadside Assistance?

You never know when you might need help on the road. That’s why it’s important to have a partner to rely on, no matter what the time of day or year. And that partner is BMW Roadside Assistance, now available for your convenience. With just one call to and a simple registration process, you can ensure that your service will be there when you need it most.

With BMW Roadside Assistance, you can rest assured that any kind of service need can be fulfilled, no matter what time of day or year it occurs. Whether you run out of fuel or if your tire gets a nail in it, or even if there’s an unexpected accident and your car needs to be towed – anything is covered as long as you’re a member.

You can call or visit any authorized dealer to sign up for membership, at which point you’ll receive your own personalized 24/7 roadside assistance number.

Then, when you need help, just call that number and service will be dispatched directly to you. That’s all there is to it! You don’t have to worry about transporting your car anywhere, either – BMW Roadside Assistance takes care of it all for you.


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