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Just purchased the new game and are excited to play it with your best buddies, especially since your current internet package has been upgraded! Try upgrading to one of the several CenturyLink Internet deals for these are simply fantastic! It’s a total bummer if half the time went in restarting the modem because the device wasn’t working. There are plenty of challenges that internet users face all the time, especially when they are trying to connect multiple wireless devices to their home network. However, there are several reasons why you are unable to connect easily to the internet.

Always check if your modem is functioning well 

Customers can connect all kinds of wireless devices to the CenturyLink Internet. Nonetheless, before you connect your wireless device to the internet, always check if your modem is functioning well. This can easily be assessed. You may have noticed that there are a couple of green lights on your device, which would be switched on. If the internet service and your modem were working fine, then these green lights would be steady. However, if there’s an issue with the modem or the internet service, then the green lights on the modem would be blinking or would be an amber color. 

How to connect your smartphone to your home network

First, find the name of your network and the password. To find this, check the sides or the back of your modem/router. You will find a sticker, that has all the important credentials of your network, which mostly include the default network name (SSID) and the password (a key/code/phrase) that allows you to connect with the network in the area.

Next, open the internet settings on your smartphone or laptop and click on Wi-Fi. On your smartphone, you will be directed to a page, where you will see a list of Wi-Fi networks that are running in the area. Refresh the list to see if your phone can detect the network that you want to connect to. If the network has been detected, simply click on the network, enter the password, that’s written on the back of the modem, and click on connect. Once your smartphone is connected to the internet service, you are good to go! Now you can browse, chat, stream all you want.

What if your smartphone is not able to connect to the internet?

However, if your phone is not able to detect the network, then you can manually add the network as well. Simply click on ‘Manually Add a Network’, type in the requested credentials such as name and password, and press connect. Once connected to the internet, the world is your oyster. One important thing that all users must do is click yes on the ‘remember network’ so that you don’t have to worry about entering the credentials all the time.

This way, you will automatically be connected to the internet anytime you click on the name of the network in the list. However, always make sure that you have the correct password and jot down the password somewhere safe, just to be on the safe side. You will probably know that the password has been changed if you are unable to connect to the network because, on a good internet day, you will be connected to the internet within seconds, just by switching on your Wi-Fi.

How to connect your laptop to your home network

The steps for connecting your laptop to the internet are pretty much the same. On the right-hand side of your screen, you will find the icon for internet access. A list of Wi-Fi networks will open up when you click on the icon. If your network is showing up in the list, then simply click on, type in the password, and you are connected.

What if your laptop is not able to connect to the internet?

There could be multiple reasons as to why your laptop is not able to connect to the internet. You can try multiple options to resolve this issue. Try refreshing the list of networks; maybe you are typing the wrong password or maybe you selected the wrong network. If these above-mentioned steps don’t work, then try restarting your laptop. A system refresh often works wonders. Once your system starts again, try connecting your network again. Chances you will easily connect the second time around.

Final thoughts…

Connecting your wireless devices to the CenturyLink Internet is a simple process and requires no rocket science. However, there are times when you may not be able to connect to the internet, follow the steps mentioned above and you will find your devices connected within no time! Nevertheless, if the same connectivity issues persist, call customer service. They will assist you in resolving your issue. If that doesn’t work either, then it’s time to change your ISP. Simply browse the wide range available on buytvinternetphone and select an ISP that ticks all the right boxes for you. 


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