Cupcake ATM:Sprinkles’ Story of Success

Los Angeles-based bakery Sprinkles launched Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills. It provides 24/7 service to the customers.  It pulls dessert lovers from all over the region with its sweet treats. It is an innovative idea for doing millions of dollars business.

What is Cupcake ATM?

It is a dispenser that provides round-the-clock services. It provides 24/7 access to passionate eaters. The dessert lovers have easy access to their sugary fix. Using Cupcake ATM they can buy as many Cupcakes as they want.

How did Cupcake ATM evolve?

Candace Nelson was the founder of this popular service. “Charles Nelson,”  Candace Nelson husband is termed as a pillar of strength in this project. She conceived the idea of the world’s first sugar ATM during her 2nd pregnancy. She says, “Even as Sprinkles’ founder, I couldn’t get my midnight cupcake fix.” I thought, “There has to be a way, and so the concept of 24-hour Sprinkles Cupcake was born!”

Candace Nelson, Sprinkles founder

Candace is known as “Cupcake queen” is a well-known judge on the competition series Sugar rush and Cupcake Wars. She also appeared in; The Best Thing I Ever Ate, The Chef Show and,  acted as a judge in Bobby Flay’s show “Throwdown.”She is considered an authority on successful cupcake business stories.

She was popularly featured on The Today Show, Nightline, The Martha Stewart Show, and Master chef Season 10. Public Magazine was among the leading magazines that profiled her.

Her Unique product  Sprinkles Cupcakes have been featured by “Oprah Winfrey”, a popular TV show, Bon appétit magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Food & Wine.

How does Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Work?

The production line team burns the midnight oil. They start production even before 2 am. ATM has the capacity to hold 800 cupcake boxes to their maximum. Cupcakes are placed in individual boxes before putting into ATM. Sprinkles ensures to keep the taste fresh by refilling the ATM several times a day.

High tech mechanism being used in cupcake vending machine makes the delivery available without any hindrance. The company in order to serve more and more customers uses Version 2.0. This mechanism allows a customer to buy 4 technology cupcakes at a time.


Use of technology

Sprinkle machine has revamped the concept of ATM which was previously known only to draw cash and paying utility bills and availing other financial services. The unique idea of using this machine for providing dessert instead of cash provides sprinkle business long-term advantage over its competitors.

If you want to understand the internal mechanism of the ATM Cupcake machine, you need to perceive a giant robot with a big arm. It suctions the box upward, rotates through the machine and drops it in customer’s window which opens automatically when a cake reaches in it.

Factors Behind Success Story

Bakers dealing in cupcake service love their customers. They are always ready to serve their customers better than their competitors. Their competitive advantage has popularized them all over the country. Their innovative business model has become a case study for new entrants in the market.

  1. Round the Clock Service

It is considered as world’s first cupcake atm. Beverly Hills-based ATMs have been updated to provide 24 hours dispensing service to their customers. The management of the company, later on, decided to expand its network in 10 more cities. The 2nd Cupcake atm Chicago started working a few months later. Cupcake atm Houston was among the followers to serve the target audience.

They are readily available for sugar lovers for 24 hours and 7 days without any break. Their innovative ATM Machine has enabled the customers to avail themselves of cupcakes up to the maximum limit.

     2,   Interlinking of Robots and Cupcakes

Sprinkles managed to interlink physical and digital spaces. It evolved the unique idea of delivering cupcake service with the help of robots. The market leader beat its competitors by delivering cupcakes instead of cash by using ATMs.

It harnessed digital power by effectively utilizing touch screens, robots, and monitors. Its introduction of Cupcake ATM opened new horizons for business all over the world.

     3. Addressing Pain Points of Customers

Dessert lovers were facing a cupcake for later issue of cupcakes availability before the introduction of the Cupcakes ATM. Sprinkles identified the pain point of its customers and resolved the issue. This is the real factor behind the success story of the organization.

Experts working day and night diagnosed the pain point of customers and managed to provide cupcakes without any obstacle.

      4. Serving the Customers Effectively

Sprinkles atm Beverly Hills was a pioneer that effectively managed the space around its customers. It identified the service gaps. It proved itself as a market leader. Taking the first-mover advantage it beat its competitors who could not address customer issues.

It expanded its presence with an increase in employees, better line management, and more locations on its platform. The company was ready to perform according to the expectations of its target market.

     5. Appealing to the Aesthetic sense of its Customers

The company has a firm belief in customer experience decided to address the aesthetic sense of its customers. It is designed to titillate customers harmonically at the front end.

A pop-up musical note greets the customer when he comes in contact with ATM Cupcake. The musical tunes knock at the subconscious of the customer that who delicately company serves its customers.

FAQs on Cupcake ATM

1. How to find ATM Cupcake near me?

If a customer is in search of the nearest Cupcake ATM, e needs to type “ATM Cupcake near me” on the Sprinkles’ website. A window with the message, “Find your nearest Sprinkles” appears. You can track the nearest Cupcake ATM by entering Zip Code.

2. What is Sprinkles’ Cupcake Price?

Its price is only $7 each.

3. How Many Cupcake ATM Flavors are there?

A Cupcake ATM has two main flavors

i. Red Velvet
ii. Choc Banana

4. Are Cupcake ATM Real?

Cupcake ATMs are not really involved in manufacturing cakes. Cupcakes are stored in these machines. They deliver the cakes according to customers’ requirements. These machines manage long queues especially late at night when the Sprinkles Bakery Outlets are closed. Customers wait outside ATM for their turn.

5. How much is Sprinkles’ Cupcakes worth?

The brand was built by Candice Nelson. First, she debuted the ice cream and introduced flavored Cupcake in 2012. The brand has an estimated value of $ 16 million.

6. Are Sprinkles Cupcakes good the next day?

How long does a Cupcake last is the most pertinent question that pops up’ in sweets lovers’ minds? Cupcakes in Cupcake ATM remain fresh for 24 hours provided that they are stored at room temperature. If you try to preserve them in the refrigerator they become dry and useless to eat. Still, they are recommended to consume on the same day instead of storing.

7. Are Sprinkles Cupcakes good?

Having worthwhile taste and quality they are a good dish to serve to dessert lovers. Their fine taste and delicate look attract sweet lovers.

8. How many Cupcakes do Sprinkles Sell a day?

These Cupcakes have great demand. 1500 Cupcakes are sold on a daily basis.

9. How do You Order Cupcakes from Costco?

An online Ordering Option is not provided. So, a customer has to fill up the form physically in Costco warehouse Bakery. Bakers require two days’ notice to deliver the customers’ desired products.

10. How many Sprinkles locations are there?

Sprinkles has widespread operations in the United States. It operates in 24 major locations including Beverly Hills, Chicago Dallas, Georgetown, The Grove, Downtown Los Angeles. Westlake Village, Houston, La Jolla, New York City, Palo Alto, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Tampa, and Newport Beach.

11. Does Sprinkles Cupcakes Austin Offer delivery or Take Out?

Yes, It provides both services.

12. Where did Sprinkles’ Cupcakes originate?

Sprinkles’ cupcakes is a bakery chain that was established in Beverly Hills in 2005. It has the credentials of the worlds’ first Cupcake Bakery.
Wrapping UP

It is said, “Rome was not built in a day. This very is true Sprinkles’ story.  Nelson couple struggled to make their dream come true. They kept on moving and evolving with the passage of time and it is how they achieved the best cupcake reseller’s status. This story can be a milestone for newbies.

Image Credits: The Vale Magazine

Video Credits: Sprinkles Cupcakes

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