Driverless cars-a future of mankind in 2025

Robo car working on principle of sensing the environment is going to be future of mankind in 2025. Large automobile manufacturing corporations are taking keen interest in developing a driverless car which moves safely with little or no human input. Self driving cars perform while combining a variety of sensors in perceiving their environment. 

Different sensory units like radar, sonar, GPS, odometery work collectively to guide autonomous vehicle about appropriate navigation paths and obstacles. Adavancement in technology is going to breed personal automated vehicles, shared robotaxis, heavy duty trucking and connected vehicle platoons as well. if you are the owner of BMW then Check here to look up BMW VIN number online!


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Waymo, the self-driving project owned by Google, became the first mover to develop Robo taxi drives for general public. They have the mission to transform mobility safe and easy for public. Keeping in view the safety policy they kept on developing full autonomous vehicles for safe and better experience.

Stats shows that annually 1.35 million people die in USA only due to careless driving. It involves 94% human negligence in road crashes. Waymo aimed to overcome this difficulty and decided to develop autonomous vehicles. It used LiDAR sensor technology in vehicles to avoid road accidents. Though Waymo’s vehicles were involved in small no. of crashes yet in overall test drives up till 2019, the results were very impressive. It ensured the safety in 20 million testing miles in Arizona and California. 


Tesla was among the followers to develop automated vehicle for the masses. Us based company manufactured, Roadster, its first electric car in 2009, Model S sedan in 2012, Model X suv in 2015, Model 3 sedan, world’s best plug-in electric car in 2017 and Model Y crossover in 2020. Model S Car of Tesla won a lot of awards including “World Green car, Motor trend car of year, Best 25 inventories of year award” etc. 

Increase of 35.8% in global car sales of Tesla was recorded in 2020. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, in his media briefings revealed about his future plans. He says, “Tesla aims to produce more affordable cars in bulk, solar roofs, midsized vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks and mini buses”. They intend to develop 25000 cars within 3 years. 


Huawei, another technology giant, aims to launch driver less cars till 2025. It seems to diversify its business from telecommunication sector to vehicle manufacturing concerns. US sanctions on smart phones of the company is one of the prime motive behind this drifting move of business as Ex US president declared Huawei as a threat to its national security. 

Huawei announces to invest 1 billion USD on research and development of self driving autonomous vehicles. Tech. giant has decided to run auto driving projects along with 3 partners including Chongqing Changan Automobile co, BAIC Group, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. These auto makers have agreed in terms and conditions to work with Tesla.

China is being considered a big market for auto driven cars as it adds 30 million cars annually. Chairman, “Eric Xu” is of the view that Chinese home market is more than enough for selling local auto driven vehicles and getting huge profits.


Benefits of self driven cars are remarkably great yet following reservations from common masses can’t be ignored. 

  • Roads to be shared by self driven vs human driven cars
  • Concerns about safety
  • De-skilling in handling technology 
  • Govt rules and regulations 
  • Hacking and misusing of softwares being used in self driven vehicles
  • Poor infrastructure 
  • Unemployment will increase as drivers will lose the jobs

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