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Facebook aims to Financially Empower Pakistani Women

Facebook initiates SheMeansBusiness in collaboration with World Bank and USAID

Social media leader Facebook following its policy of empowering women all over the world has launched the SheMeansBusiness in Pakistan. Fb is previously practicing this concept in more than 20 countries of the world. It has made 1 million women financially capable. Facebook with its partners now aims to Financially Empower Pakistani Women.

Facebook in collaboration with USAID and State Bank of Pakistan has launched its women’s self-empowerment initiative in Pakistan as well. It announces Business Resilience through Financial Education (BRFE) program for digital training of women in Pakistan. This activity will help the women to improve their financial management skills. The panelists during the discussion strongly supported the women empowerment cause of Facebook and projected the importance of financial management for women.

BRFE will not only accelerate sustainability but will also enhance the resilience of women-led small and medium businesses (SMB) in Pakistan. Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) admired the self-empowerment of women’s initiative. She considered the program an important step to uplift the socio-economic status of Pakistani women.

The SheMeansBusiness program started in 2016. It provided tools, training, and resources to secure funding and promote small-scale businesses in Pakistan. It started a women empowerment project in collaboration with the Lahore Women chamber of commerce and Industry (LWCCI). It has trained more than one million women in 38 markets across the world. This program during pandemic covid-19 enhanced its scope and added training on business resilience in collaboration with financial education.

Facebook Asia Pacific Head of community affairs Beth Ann elucidated,

“Facebook with its partners aimed to nurture all classes of Pakistani women by giving access to practical sessions and online learning tools.”

Ex-President WCCI stated in her message that Facebook has helped women in expanding business in Pakistan. When women become successful in their businesses, they invest more in community building. She further added that a self-dependent woman can educate her children in a better way. According to a study conducted by Clinton Global Initiative, when women start earning they invest 90 pc more towards building their families compared with men who invest 35 % only.

Saaima Kamil, deputy governor of state bank in her video message stated the program an important contribution in women-led small and medium business set up. Financially empowered women will play a better part to portray a self-sufficient national image before the world.

Beth Ann Lim, Director Policy Programme and  Governor Outreach for the Asia Pacific at Facebook and Global head of SheMeansBusiness said in her speech,

“Financial education is need of the hour for Pakistani women and the others around the world. SheMeansBusiness is an eclipse of Facebook’s long-term cause. This initiative not only holds to ameliorate the economic development of women in the Asia Pacific region but also enhances the sustainability of a women-led business.

“US government holds the economic development of women a vital step in Pakistan and the world around.” US Chargé D’affaires Lesslie Viguerie stated in her video note. She was of the view that investment in women’s empowerment can help annihilate poverty and ameliorate economic growth. Empowering women all over the world on an equal basis is not an easy task. A joint report of the World Bank and Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that Facebook’s effort of aiming to financially empower Pakistani women reveals women entrepreneurs on Facebook still face problems of lack of funding. These funding issues must be solved instantly.

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