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Facebook Removes Multiple Fake Pakistani Accounts

Facebook takes a very strict stance against fake social media handlers. An official states “action was taken while removing 40 Facebook accounts, 6 FB pages, and 28 Instagram accounts. Social media giant banned fake account operators from Pakistan for adopting inappropriate behavior against domestic users. The purpose behind these social media entities was to promote hatred and hoodwink general masses globally.

Originated from Pakistan, the network tried to spread false news among the local masses. They were also detected to malign Arabic, English, and Pashto speakers in other regions outside Pakistan. The malfunctioning network tried to pose itself as the international news forum. They tried to mislead the public by sharing false video content.

The detected network was found active across multiple internet services.  They propagated about the prevailing pandemic situation in India. They concocted to criticize the Indian govt. for its failure to cope up covid-19 challenges. The network showed as if they were posting all the content in favor of Indian Muslims. The false network posed to take the Indian govt. to task for mistreating Muslims in Kashmir.

Facebook reported that social media pages run by the banned group had previously been blocked in April 2019. Graphika, a research firm helped face book in tracing the network involved in malicious activities.

Strong connections were detected between Alpha pro and the banned network. This network was found to be interlinked with a Pakistani PR firm Alpha pro. It had also been reported that amount worth Rs. 40,000 USD was spent on running this false campaign

Abdul Razzaq

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