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Google Aims to Make Pakistani Women Tech-efficient

Google with its 700 GDE Programme experts is managing its various operations efficiently. Its global network of Google Development Experts (GDEs) is comprised of highly experienced tech experts. 161 of these GDEs are women. 4 women out of total 11 GDEs of Pakistan have got a space at Google’s platform.  These GDEs are considered as influencers and thought leaders. Google focuses on developing, training and retaining women leaderas in GDEs team. Google aims to make Pakistani women tech-efficient.

Google is of the view that women technology experts can become good role models for young girls. Technology giant has specifically built global employee network for females. Women@global is a platform which not only provides mentoring opportunities to women but also helps them to grow and connect with other women in different parts of world.

Google working with its vision to financialy empower the women has executed valuable projects in the past. It along with facebook has promoted the scope of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan to achieve gender parity index. Facebook remarkably worked in collaboration with Women Chamber of commerce and Industry (wcci), Lahore Division to train Pakistani women to expand their business.

4 Pakistani females being selected as Google Development Experts (GDEs) recalled the difficulties which they had to face in their tech-journey. They told in interview that it was a herculean task for them to learn development expertise in male dominant society.  Pakistan is not well equipped with advanced technology and other vital resources.

Report  shows that Pakistan comes up with 38 percent gender gap in mobile phone ownership and a 49 percent gender gap in internet usage. It is very difficult for Pakistani women to pave their way for achieving distinction.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, Pakistan has consistently ranked last in Inclusive Internet Index in South Asia over the past four years.


Aqsa Kausar, one of GDE, told Dawn News that it was not easy for her to manage with limited  resources. She said, “I developed an interest in machine learning but since there were not adequate resources available. I had to go online to learn a lot of stuff. I had no people available to consult with whenever i get stuck in some complex situation. When I applied for GDE course there was no female GDE  in Pakistan.”

Sakina Abbas, having expertise in flutter,  was quite enthusiastic and determined. She said, ” nothing seems a challenge if it is pursued with passion. It was indeed troublesome and hectic to keep up but at the end challenges strengthen you to become a refined version of yourself.” Sakina emphasized that govt should encourage more female to join IT sector.

She demanded from govt. to provide lodging facility to women coming from far flung areas. She was of the view that STEM entrepreneurship competition must be promoted among university students. These competitions will instigate graduates and undergraduates equally to invent and innovate. She also stressed to enhance the capacity of National Incubation Centres (NICs) as it is inevitable for these centres to incubate IT ventures.

GDE expert Sakina highlighted the huge gap between academic and practical life. She looked determined to bridge the gap with help of organising technical workshops. She presented her vision to conduct webinars and other special events for career counselling of students.

It is worth mentioning that Govt is playing its part towards building digital Pakistan. PM Imran Khan during inauguration of Ehsaas Saving wallets said,  “This programme will bring women in financial inclusion net, as pool of bank account increases, poverty decreases.”

He was of the view that when women are brought into financial system,  they become capable to save, generate capital, initiate start ups and shape their life styles. He further added,”when you bring women into the financial system, they are able to save money, start businesses and control their own lives.”

Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq is a freelance writer, digital marketer, tech enthusiast and, educationist from Pakistan. He runs Geekydecade (a Business Marketing Blog) to spread business and marketing awareness among the masses.

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