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Chrome 91 Update of Google Protects Chrome Users

Google, the technology leader has introduced a ‘safe browsing’ feature for its web browsers. Chrome 91 update of Google Protects Chrome Users. This update provides maximum protection against malicious downloading of files.

Google has published the details for its additional security feature in its official blog post. While revealing its new security feature, it has been stated officially that browsing users with enhanced security features can avail extra protection in installing any extension from the chrome web store. Google guides its users that whether the extension which they are going to install is part of trusted Enhanced safe browsing or not.

Google considers only those extensions reliable and foolproof which would be designed by developers following the chrome web store Developer Programme Policies. Enhanced safe web browsing is going to apply a strong check against malicious files. If safe browsing considers any file risky but not harmful during downloading, there a pop-up will be appeared giving the user warning. They are given an option to send the file for in-depth analysis.

Google is of the view that if a user chooses to send the file to its safe browsing service for in-depth analysis, it is scanned by static and dynamic analysis of Google. Chrome 91 updates of Google protects Chrome users while displaying a warning if the file is found unsafe. For the Safe browsing option by Google, web browsing users can turn it on through the settings section. Users can visit the privacy and security section to tap on security. Now browsing users are required to tap on enhanced protection in order to enjoy additional security features of Google.

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