How Genetics Can Impact Healthcare

Since the successful sequencing of the human genome in 2003, the use of genetics in healthcare has skyrocketed. Your DNA can help doctors diagnose and develop customized treatments for you. There is much to learn from our DNA and endless applications of this information within the life sciences. Here are a few key ways genetic information is used in healthcare today and how it can help us develop more effective treatments.

Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are the raw materials for building specialized cells within the human body. Stem cells can divide into daughter cells which can become specific cells such as blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, and more. Stem cells can offer insight into how certain chronic or hereditary conditions are developed within the body. By studying how stem cells grow, we can better understand the impact of disease on the development of the human body. We can also utilize stem cells to test new drugs to see how the human body will react. Specific cells can be generated to test out the effectiveness of the new drug before it is administered to a human body.

Regenerative medicine is on the front lines of stem cell research. Because these cells can be specialized to create new cells throughout the body, researchers utilize them to regenerate diseased and damaged cells completely. Cancer research is a significant area of study in regenerative medicine. The possibilities within this field are tremendous, from curing hereditary afflictions to cloning and healing after serious accidents.

Vaccine Creation

The COVID-19 pandemic saw vaccine development at an unprecedented rate to meet the demands of a massive population in the throes of a rapidly spreading disease. Biopharma advances have created new vaccine creation methods that utilize genetic coding. mRNA was initially used to treat melanoma patients but has since been adapted to be a highly effective method of vaccine creation. Messenger RNA is the specific strands within DNA that are responsible for relaying the blueprints of protein creation to the body. Scientists can isolate this mRNA and give it the genetic coding for the proteins of the antigen. Once injected into the human host, this mRNA will teach the immune system to produce these specific antibodies that will protect the body from future infections of that antigen. This relatively new way of creating vaccines is highly effective and used worldwide. Avantor is “a trusted partner who provides the products, services, solutions, and expertise necessary to move through research and production quickly and confidently.” Companies like Avantor that offer laboratory services and state-of-the-art equipment are essential for successfully creating and distributing vaccines.

Genome Sequencing

Human genome sequencing in 2003 is an essential milestone in the history of human life sciences. By successfully mapping the human genome, we have a more in-depth understanding of our human composition than ever before. This information can help us in diagnostics and treatment creation. We can also learn much more about our human evolution and how we continue to evolve today. Researchers can now compare our human genetic makeup to other living things to find new connections, relations, and research opportunities. With genetic mapping, we can determine which chromosomes are responsible for which genes and exactly where those chromosomes are located. Genetic mapping applications will continue to assist researchers throughout the future of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Genetic information is an essential aspect of our modern healthcare system and treatments. With genetics, researchers can create customized treatment plans and new, highly effective drugs for humans. Genetics will continue to be an essential field of healthcare development as new research is conducted in the future. 



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