How do I Get My Website Noticed by Search Engines

Developing a site is not a herculean task but generating earnings is the actual game plan. Making a new website readily searchable can become a hard nut to crack if you are not familiar with SEO tactics. SEO is an art to pull readers and viewers to your site. Traffic is vital for earnings for all the business and blog sites. Hire a search engine optimization service provider company to help you make a website that will produce more leads and double your business profits. Nowadays, being at the top of search engines is more or less every website owner’s ultimate goal. This post will discuss how to get your website discovered by search engines.
Important Factors to get the website noticed by Search Engines

These are the most common questions of every site handler

  • What does high visibility mean?
  • Why is traffic important?
  • How to increase website searchability
  • Why does my website not show up on Google?

Market leaders in search engines such as Google and Bing run on complex algorithms for ranking the sites. Though they keep on modifying these algorithms to make them up to date yet tools of Search Engine Optimization remain the same.

Quality links, relevant keywords, and up-to-date content are some of the key features of SEO that make your website stand out. Google keeps on adding advanced features for ranking websites. It ranks mobile responsiveness sites speedily. If a site is technically error-free and opens in less than 10 seconds Google chooses it for ranking.

In addition to that, it gives value to information-rich content. All those sites which contain well informative lengthy articles are comparatively ranked earlier. Titles of website, permalinks, content, media, categories, pages are some of the prominent features which a site owner needs to understand to get noticed on Google for free.

Is SEO  a one time thing? Definitely not. It is a continuous and long-term process. Web Visibility becomes quite easy if site owners understand the basic principles.

Why Use WordPress Site?

Its options involve a wide range from setting a menu on the website to a great variety of free and paid plugins. These plugins serve the site operators with ready-made functions to handle various website issues. It is the supreme function of WordPress to offer an array of features to its users. WordPress website is preferred by clients over the customized website as it accommodates a wide variety of plugins for troubleshooting.

1. Built-in WordPress tools

Built-in tools of word press sites make it quite easier to get the website noticed by search engines. Word press has become a very popular platform in the world. It was developed for online publishing which means it has got the inherent capability with a set of basic built-in SEO tools that can be used to ameliorate the searchability of the site at every step.

Customization options are available in the site’s admin dashboard to add supportive elements. These elements help the operators to enhance searchability and boost up SEO rankings.

2. Well connected Titles and Taglines

The website name is the most important factor for search rankings. It acts as an SEO booster. While the first page of website is known as Home Page. The appearance tab on the Home Page facilitates the operators to allocate titles and taglines to the site. Both these elements of a site are searchable by Google. Adding keywords smartly in these two lines can make a site search-friendly.

It provides strong signals to search engines to identify the nature and note the function of the website. Similarly choosing a business/service relevant domain name helps google search engines to notice the website and crawl it speedily.

3. Link Building

Each page and every post on a blog/website has a specific URL. These URLs are by default assigned to these posts and pages. Attaching keywords to these permalinks always helps Google to search pages on an individual basis. Website operators are required to select permalinks to choose a structure from available setting tabs.

They include elements of published posts and page titles. To make the post readily searchable it is required to assign niche-related keywords to these permalinks. Strong internal, as well as external linking, helps in making search rankings better.

Internal linking includes connecting your website content with other pages and posts of your own website such as archived posts while backlinking means linking your site to other quality websites. Posting your content in form of an article or research paper on some other site that can refer to your site is called backlinking.

Here in this case you are required to add a referral link of your site in the content. Do-follow backlink improves Domain Authority of your site and also helps in diverting traffic towards your site. These permalink SEO tips act as boosters.

4. Content Optimization

Content is a king. Good content pulls the reader and retains him while developing his interest in the site. Every chunk of content including Bios, about pages, posts, media (pictures and videos) on the blog/site must be optimized. Optimized Keywords, titles, tags, and descriptions can help search engines to notice the websites. Online Site Exposure reviews add up leverage towards your website for people search hacks.

5. Optimized Media data

Videos, images, and other media-related items must be optimized with the help of keyword-rich titles. “Alt” texts on pictures and images can be used from media management tools of WordPress websites. These tricks help you to get discovered online. Properly optimized video embedding on websites increases the chances of organic searchability and helps search engines to notice the websites.

6. Built-in Plug-ins ready to install

A variety of multipurpose built-in plug-ins provides convenience to site operators for almost all the issues. Both Free and paid ranks plugin are available to serve the users. Site Kit, Yoast,  jet Pack, All in One SEO Pack, Block-Enabled, My Ticket events, etc are efficient in their performance. They work effectively without slowing down the website.

Site Kit is a user-friendly plugin that facilitates the operators to check the performance of the website, technical issues, and searchability. It also helps the users to check analytics for keyword rankings, clicks, and impressions.

Yoast is another user-friendly plugin. It provides the site operators with the facility of arranging keywords based on Meta descriptions on pages and posts. It also analyzes each piece of content for keywords under consideration. It assigns different colors to the optimized keywords. It highlights if the SEO title is wider than the viewable limit.

Well connected and optimized keywords are assigned Green color. Yellow color is assigned to the keyword which needs improvement while Red color is assigned to poor content. The Premium version of Yoast and other keywords provides more internet visibility.

Yoast’s local SEO extension is an amazing feature that traces site visibility for local searches. It performs distinctively post vs page SEO. Similarly, video SEO gives the facility of optimizing video content. SEO plugins are beneficial even for laymen. This is how your site gets more visible to the site operators.


In short, WordPress was designed to follow all SEO-based practices. It provides website facilities to almost 1/3rd of operators all over the world. There is no one-stop SEO Technique to get found on the internet. Now it depends upon the site owners/operators to use the tools in a smart way. Only Effective and orderly use of SEO tools can lead search engines to notice the websites.

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