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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) finally gives the approval for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). 19 Foreign and Local companies have been authorized to local mobile manufacturing. These renowned mobile manufacturing companies produced mobile phones 12.27 million mobile phones in the first 7 months of 2021 as compared to 8.29 million imported mobile phones. This bigger advancement is being considered as a giant leap towards digital Pakistan.

Mobile Phone manufacturing companies including Oppo, Vivo, Haier, Mobo Mobiles, G5, Foxconn, Jiophone, and some other well-known Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have got local production licenses for cell phone manufacturing at the local level within Pakistan. The Production License issued by PTA under Mobile Device Manufacturing Regulations, 2021 is said to be valid for 10 years.

Installation of local assembly lines will decrease Pakistan’s imports of 24 million mobile phones annually. Apart from mobile manufacturing, these local production units have also been licensed for the production of Dongle, Routers, tracking, and tablets. A technology boost in self-production will not only reduce the country’s dependence on imports but also bring down prices, which is considered a positive gesture for the economy of Pakistan.

The spokesperson of PTA also announced that following the localization plan these companies are required to pack 2 percent of mobile charges, 10 percent of motherboards and batteries, 8 percent of display screens and plastic parts locally till the end of 2022.

Chairman Pakistan Mobiles Importers and Manufacturers Association Malik Muzaffar Hayat Paracha mentioned that Production industries are going to create a space for support industries as well which will be providing spare parts like batteries, cables, ICs, etc.

Reliance on this local mobile manufacturing is being considered a giant leap in the technology industry. Though all these local units will have to follow International Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) yet PTA has intended to issue a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) for 6 months to local manufacturing set up thus giving them relief.

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