Top 6 Most Expensive Tv in the World | 2022

What are the world’s priciest TVs?

The majority of people, particularly children, are glued to the television because it serves as a major source of entertainment, education, news, and politics. Isn’t it true that when you ask people what they have, the most common answer is a television? It can be found in almost every home, therefore we’ve put together a list of the world’s greatest quality televisions, including outdoor TV enclosures for you to browse.

List of the Top 6 Most Expensive TV in the World

6. Samsung UN105S9B 

5. Panasonic TH-152UX1

4. C SEED 201

3. Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition

2. The Titan Zeus

  1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

6.Samsung UN105S9B ($260,000)


The Samsung UN105S series is a high-end TV with UHD and eye-tracking. It’s 105 inches, but the picture quality is so good that it makes up for the lower resolution (3840x1080px) compared to other models on this list. So it’s no surprise that Samsung is one of the most dominant companies on our Most Expensive Televisions list.

5.Panasonic TH-152UX1 ( $500,000)


For commercial use, Panasonic TH-152UX is one of the world’s most expensive TVs in 2022. This Samsung isn’t the biggest on this list, but it’s still the most expensive at $500K!

Panasonic’s $500,000 TV is the most mesmerising with a 152-inch screen. Thanks to its clever new technology, this massive behemoth not only looks stunning but also saves you money. 4K 3D Plasma Display reproduces rich textures and smooth vibrant colours across the entire screen, saving your favourite movies from cinematic disappointment by restoring their original colour.

4.C SEED 201 ( $680,000)

(New Atlas)

The C SEED 201 is a 200-inch commercial TV. Material resistance to weather, vibrations from nearby sounds or construction equipment makes it ideal for 24-hour use at airports, train stations, hospitals, stadium events, etc.

This baby, which weighs almost 1.5 tonnes, has the highest resolution retina LED SMD 201 inch display on the market. It’s designed for those who want an outdoor cinema in their backyard.

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3.Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition ( $1.5 million)

(Tom’s Guide)

The third TV on our list of the World’s Most Expensive TVs 2022 comes from renowned British designer Stuart Hughes. Its 55-inch display is smaller than some of its competitors, and it lacks some of the features found on more expensive TVs.

This TV is covered in 18k gold, diamonds, gemstones, and even alligator skin! I wonder if you’re watching the show or these lovely gems. So if you can afford a $1 million+ living room, check out “The Gold Standard”.

2.The Titan Zeus ( $1.6 million)


The 370-inch Titan Zeus is the world’s largest TV. At $1.6 million, you might want more than one! You can interact seamlessly without using remotes or controllers with this luxury television, which includes an amazing CGI aquarium feature that turns this enormous set into a giant fish tank like no other. Titan Zeus is the 2nd the Most Expensive Tv in the World.

1.Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition($2.26 M)


Stuart Hughes’ latest luxury tech item is the $2,260,000 most expensive TV in 2022. That said, if you have the cash and want a truly unique flat screen, this might be the product for you. It’s covered in over 28 kilogrammes of 18k gold, along with Sunstone and Amethyst stones, on top of alligator skin leather, making it not only beautiful but also durable. Stuart Hughes’ is the Most Expensive Tv in the World.


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