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NOKIA X20….Smart Phone with Affordable Price

Think…….Done. The dream has come true. Users with 5G are entering the world of speed to explore new horizons. Speed is on the go.

NOKIA, a Finland-based company, is considered one of the pioneers in the mobile phone industry. It launches its smartphone Nokia X20 with spectacular features. The smartphone introduced by the company is reliable like other brands of Nokia. Their smartphone brands are built on the philosophy of “Love it, trust it and keep it.” The inhabitants of Finland are supposed to buy reliable brands keeping n view their simple life approach “To hold the things that you love and trust most in life.

Camera Work

Nokia X20 lets you bring an innovative feeling to work. The smartphone allows shooting multiple angles with dual sight multi-cam. 32-megapixel selfie shooter gives you an experience not to forget. 5G technology-oriented phone gives warm feelings to smartphone lovers.

Dual sight multi-cam lets you shoot videos from different angles at the same time. 64 MP Quad camera with ZEISS Optics and AI assist enable you to capture panoramic quality footage of vast landscapes and portraits. Tools like color grading and mode settings are also there to magnify your work.5G speed helps to share and spread the content within no time.

A high-quality front-facing camera is designed to act day and night equally. Thanks to the full HD+ screen which provides ease for checking e-mails, viewing Powerpoint slides, and having a liaison with mates in the broad spectrum. 6.67” screen provides convenient handling for playing games and watching movies.


NOKIA X20 sleek in design is liked the most for being a one-handed handling phone.  It fascinates you with Midnight Sun and Nordic Blue colors. The lasting endurance of phones deserves to be admired. The screen has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Power Back Up

2 days of power back up with Li-Po 4470 mAh, non-removable battery facilitates you to keep your phone working from dawn to dusk.

Storage Capacity

Doing hectic routine tasks, you are left with very few hours to free up the storage space of your mobile phone. Nokia frees you from this hassle by providing 128 GB built-in memory. Such a huge memory of the phone shows that data storage capacity for users is more than enough.

Processing Speed

NOKIA X20 with Qualcomm SM 4350 Snapdragon and 480 5G Chipset provides non-stop service. 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor saves you from hanging in during buffering. 8 GB RAM in X20 leads the phone to run at super speed. Multi-tasking like watching the news, enjoying TV shows, and doing with apps without getting stuck due to low speed is no more a dream.

Installation of OS 11 equips you with innovative features. It enables you to streamline your conversations from different sources and keeps these intact in a single handy spot. Information resources are not outdated for the continuous OS software updates.


You need not worry about keeping your content personal. Nokia believing in “No compromise on the security” provides monthly security updates for 3 years. Moreover, a rear-mounted sensor restricts unauthorized users to access their phones without their permission.


Monetary value is the actual thing that the user keeps in mind while making a purchase decision. Buying NOKIA X20 for just Rs.55000/ with so much augmented benefits is never disappointing for you.

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