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Have you ever found yourself in the darkness of writer’s block? Experiencing such vibes often makes everyone prone to committing duplication. Getting yourself through the portal of writer’s block to creativity feels tiring. The moment you step into the black hole of writer’s block, you’re forced to develop a sensation of ineptness that seems to be everlasting. Making through this transition sometimes pushes you towards the edge of the cliff. However, you can overcome this nuisance by grabbing the rope of creativity. When you’re trapped in the clutches of despondency, but still, there’s light at the end of the tunnel that can extricate you from misery and despair. can help you peek through the clouds and disentangle you from the miserable chains of writer’s block.

Unfolding creativity by taking the courage to imagine isn’t easy for everyone. To keep moving forward and opening up new doors, you need to have a courageous attitude. Creating unique and original content is certainly nerve-wracking; there are cases where plagiarism occurs in the text. For avoiding such scenarios, you need to ensure uniqueness by taking a helping hand from The internet is swamped with dozens of plagiarism checkers, but has its own place, which is certainly unbeatable.

In this blog post, we have penned down a review about We are going to unleash the features of this AI-powered plagiarism detector.

Features of

The outcome of a plagiarism checker is simple, i.e., the detection of plagiarized sentences or phrases in a text. So what makes the tool available on better than the other utilities? While using this tool, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to check plagiarism online. This tool comes with a super-friendly interface; hence, you won’t have to learn any complex procedures for using it. Read on some other top-notch features of this facility, and figure out how this tool stands out from others.

Deep Search Technology

The smart and advanced algorithms working at the backend of this tool produce 100% accurate results. This plagiarism tool is based on deep search technology that makes sure to detect even a single percent of plagiarism. When a user enters text in this tool, the advanced mechanism deeply scans the text and compares it with billions of web pages’ data. This whole process takes place in a matter of seconds, and the results are available on the users’ screens in a blink of an eye. Not even a single plagiarized phrase or sentence can bypass the plagiarism test and stay undetected on this web portal.

In-Depth Plagiarism Scan Reports

Besides displaying plagiarized portions of text, the plagiarism detector also provides its users with in-depth plagiarism scan reports. The report contains the entire text and the percentage gauges indicating unique and plagiarized content. Moreover, the report also shows the sources from where the phrases of a text are copied. This tool allows the users to download plagiarism scan reports with a single click in PDF format.

Multiple File Upload Options

If you opt to use this plagiarism detector, you’ll find multiple options to upload files and check for plagiarism. Mostly, the plagiarism checkers only allow you to manually enter text or copy-paste it in the given box. However, allows its users to upload files in multiple ways. You can upload the file from your device or import it from cloud storage (Dropbox). If you want to check plagiarism of a text uploaded over the web, you can simply enter its URL in the given field and directly conduct a plagiarism test.


Unlike other plagiarism checkers, this plagiarism detector is supported by all platforms. The users can access this online service from any corner of the world without worrying about getting a specific device. Whether you are using an iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems, this tool can be accessed easily without facing any restrictions. Moreover, works superbly on all web browsers. Hence, you don’t need to worry about installing a specific browser on your device for accessing 

Pricing Plans of

Although the plagiarism detector is available as a free-of-cost service, you can enjoy its premium features by purchasing its pricing plan as per your preference. The premium features include:

  • Check for plagiarism on up to 25,000 words in a single search.
  • Multiple users can share one account.
  • Remove plagiarism with article rewriter
  • Downloadable PDF reports. offers three main pricing plans, which include:

  • Student plan for $20 per month
  • Institute plan for $50 per month
  • Enterprise plan for $90 per month

If a user wants a custom plan, they can send a custom plan request as per their requirements. Customer support will reach out for the custom request on your provided email as soon as possible.

Final Words

Plagiarism is a plague that can hurt your reputation and bring several other adverse effects. You can prevent yourself from this nuisance by picking the best plagiarism detector. offers the best utility to detect duplication. You can either choose its free version or get a premium plan to detect plagiarism from your text and make it duplication-free.


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