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realme Invites Global Discussion on “5G for All”

Mobile Phone company “realme” the leading player of 5th Generation Technology invited a global discussion on the burning topic “5G for All”. The cellular company, realme, declared to empower 100 million consumers with 5G smartphones in the coming 3 years. Wonders of the technology are making astonishing phenomenon, Think….Done, the reality of this universe. 5th Generation Technology is expected to revolutionize the style of working as well as the thinking of people.5th Generation of cellular networks which have been popularized as 5G is expected to be one of the fastest network technologies ever introduced.

Someone has beautifully summed up, “The only thing permanent in the world is change.” Technology change in the world is on the go which has drastically changed our present. Mobile phone companies have to spend a lot of budget on Research and Development (R&D) to cope with the changing pace according to market requirements. Faster than 4G LTE, “5G for All” is a wireless technology that ensures uniform user experience, low latency rate, data reliability, increased network capacity, and data delivery speed at the highest as well.

Cellular company realme in collaboration with GSMA, Counterpoint Research, and Qualcomm held a summit to promote 5G for All adoption.  The summit was conducted under the banner “Making 5G Global: Affordability for the Masses. Executives of realme briefed about its upcoming innovative models for the global GT series, camera flagship, and realme 5G performance. In addition to that, it was revealed that realme intends to establish 10 5G global pop-up stores where youth will enjoy a better experience for cloud gaming, ultra-clear AR, and other 5G innovations.

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