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realme X3 superZoom….Quality Phone with reasonable price

Mobile phone companies are working hard to meet the ever-increasing expectations of users. Strenuous Research and Development (R&D) of realme has made it the leading phone manufacturer company in the mobile world. realme, the smartphone company unveils another quality cell phone with spectacular traits. realme x3 superZoom is going to be the flagship of the company with unbelievable specs.Press start to enjoy free random video chat instantly. Creativity, innovation, and sleek designs are distinctive features of realme which make its cell phones prominent in the market.

Processing and storage

X3 superZoom launched by realme contains powerful chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ and gigantic RAM. Such a heavy processor can handle multiple operations like editing photos, playing games, downloading and running various applications, and enjoying high-definition videos. While 12 Gigabyte (GB) RAM has spurred the processing speed of cell phones. X3 superZoom provides its users with 256 GB of built-in memory which is more than enough for every class of users. In addition to that, a dedicated slot is there to enhance the internal storage capacity. The slot provides its users with the facility to double up memory.

Display & Power Backup

6.4 inches display panel of realme smartphone facilitates the big screen lovers to enjoy full HD plus the resolution of 108X2400 pixels. Fast battery charging at the speed of 100% per minute is another distinctive feature of mobile phones. The non-removable battery of 4200mAh makes the cell phone reliable for long-lasting usage. Advanced charging technology of 30W Dart charge with a unique low voltage and high current resolution charges phone 4X faster than typical chargers. Under display fingerprint reader has been installed in X3 superZoom which protects the cell from unauthorized usage.

Operating System

Installation of Android 10 Operating System (OS) and “realme user interface (UI)” make smartphones easy to use. 120 HZ refresh rate ensures the phone operations are speedy and saves it from getting hanged. X3 superZoom with a mere 202 gm weight is easy to handle and operate. Dimensions of 163.8X75.8X8.99 mm make the cell phone sleek and eye-catching.

Camera Vision

The use of 4 different lenses in one integrated camera specifies the quality attributes of X3 superZoom. 64 MP wide-angle Quad camera with ultra high resolution brings you a new photography experience. The advanced camera supports 0.5X to 60X wide zoom range to shoot exactly from the front or capture at a longer distance.

Periscope zoom lens accompanied by ultra-wide-angle lens empowers the camera to capture distinguishing. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) stabilizes the zoom shot. A sharp and clear image can be taken even from a distance of 100 meters.

Nightscape Mode

The use of an AI algorithm combined with ultra-long exposure and a multi-frame synthesis engine enables X3 superZoom to record intelligently while enhancing sharpness and color expression without getting the picture blurred. Super nightscape mode 4.0 has equipped the users with two smart features.

  • Pro nightscape mode benefits users to set WB, ISO, Focus distance, Shutter speed while enjoying experiences of manual modes.
  • Exclusively designed Tripod mode by realme X3 superZoom provides 50 seconds of exposure time .to shoot photos in light streams.

Liquid Cooling System

The exclusively designed cooling system of X3 superZoom reduces the temperature to maintain speed and performance. A copper tube of 8mm diameter increases the heat dissipation area by 176.9 % due to its cooling system.


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