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Richest Man Jeff Bezos in Space

The richest man, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon revealed on social media that he along with his brother Mark will go to space via Blue Origin, his own aerospace company. He was of the view that his dream is going to come true which he saw at the age of 5. He looks very ambitious to fly to space on July 20. He has decided to step down as CEO of Amazon before couple of weeks of this journey.

Bezos and Elon Musk, both the billionaires are spending heavily on their space operations for many years but their companies Blue Origin and Space X could only be able to send few satellites for their clients so far.

5200 bidders from 36 countries made a bid at Blue Origin to win the seat for space. The highest bid was recorded for 2.8 million USD.  Online bidding for aerospace seat continued till June 10, while a live auction has been called afterwards till June 12.The space service giving to usher a new era in the world of space journey. It will be a giant leap for mankind to explore the unexplored. The date of July 20 has been specifically decided for this operation to commemorate 52nd  anniversary of Apollo II moon landing.

The new Shepard rocket and Capsule combo has been designed to carry 6.passengers at a time in space. The passengers of this space ship would observe the space with the help of observation window which is 3 times larger than Boeing 747 jetliner window.


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