Role of Social Media in e-commerce websites

There are billions of people using social media platforms, and social media plays a major role in e-commerce websites selling products. But it’s just not about selling – by using social media platforms, you can create your brand and show your quality and expertise in the market. You can showcase the satisfied customer reviews; you can showcase your best-selling products and many things using social media platforms.


Social media platforms are the best way to promote your e-commerce website and showcase what you have to offer in Infront of your targeted customers. And the most important factor in using social media platforms is that you can only showcase your products to targeted audiences interested in your products.


If you’re running an e-commerce website, then using social media platforms is a must for you. You can take any company as an example; they’re using social media platforms to promote themselves and gaining millions of customers.


You need to look at some stats:


  • In 2021, more than 76.8% of internet users purchase products online


  • 8% of users on the internet use social media platforms to know about any brand details


  • half of the global internet users are at the age between 16 to 24 using social media platforms for brand research


Benefits of Social media for E-commerce website


There are tons of benefits of using social media platforms for your e-commerce website, but I’ve picked some most important benefits you need to know.


Benefit #1: Expand your online reach


There are billions of people using social media platforms actively. And e-commerce websites can showcase their products to them and get orders easily. You can start promoting your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Using social media platforms for e-commerce websites is beneficial for you. Because this trend will never go away. Many e-commerce websites generate millions by promoting their products on social media platforms.


Benefit #2: Reach to your Targeted Audience


If your store has baby products, then there’s no point in showcasing your marketing ads all over the world. You can identify your target audience. You can target like your targeted audience is parents who have babies. That’s the power of using social media platforms because you only get Infront of those looking for your products, and that’s how you’ll get tons of orders.


Benefit #3: Engage your Target audience


By using social media platforms, you can’t just showcase your products; you need to showcase customer reviews, free offers, deals and coupons, and many more that keep Engaging your audience and become your loyal customers. So first, find your target audience and then try to showcase offers, deals, and free things that help you keep Engaging with your Audiences.


Benefit #4: Promote your Brand


The most amazing way to promote your business is by using social media platforms. You can build your loyal customers on social media platforms, and later, you’ll start getting results without promoting your brand because they’re your loyal customer, and they’ll keep purchasing from your store.


Benefit #5: Drive Traffic on your Store


When you’re using social media platforms, you’ll get another profit, i.e., without doing any marketing, you’ll get traffic on your store. You don’t need to spend a single penny to market after building your audience. Because when you post on your social media platforms with a store link, you’ll automatically get traffic on your store from different social media platforms.


Benefit #6: SEO optimization


If you don’t know, then let me tell you a secret if you have a community of people on social media platforms and they’re visiting your website. You’ll get a better ranking from Google because Google considers your store trusted and useful for people. That’s how you can get organic traffic Where you’re ranking on Google.


And so many amazing benefits of using social media platforms. And these are the top six reasons that are enough for you to start using social media platforms for your ecommerce website.


When Social media is used for e-commerce Businesses, it’s called Social Commerce


When we talk about Social commerce, there are four R’s of social commerce used in social media platforms for your e-commerce website.


#1 R for Referrals


Social media is a really useful platform because people try to refer to products through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. That’s why using social media platforms for referral is the best option. According to the BI report, referral traffic increased up to 200% and kept rising.


#2 R for Recommendations


The recommendation is the most powerful method in social media platforms. That’s how Amazon generated billions of dollars of sales via recommendations. And if you’re selling a great product, then your customers refer to others, and you’ll get more sales easily.


#3 R for Reviews


When companies showcase their testimonials, happy customers, some reviews from any Magazines, people start believing in their services, and that’s how the brand is established. The more you review, the more you’ll get attention. And you know attention is the most important factor for orders.


#4 R for Ratings


People always look for ratings first before using their services. Similarly, before purchasing a product, people first see the ratings. And if they’re getting a positive response/rating, then they’ll make decisions to buy it.


These are four R’s in social commerce. That helps to promote your ecommerce store and get tons of orders.


Four Best Social media platforms to grow your e-commerce store in 2021


If you’re running a store, you need to know which platform is more beneficial for you and where you can get Tons of new orders.


If you’re doing social media marketing, and you’re running ads on Google or youtube or LinkedIn, then stop right now. Because these are not the best platforms to get results. There are specifically four amazing platforms to get tons of orders by promoting your website.


No.1 – Facebook


Facebook is the biggest hub of e-commerce business. Because from only Facebook, you can generate millions of dollars. This is the compulsory platform for e-commerce website owners to do marketing. Around 2 billion active users are available on Facebook, and if you’re targeting the right audience, you can easily get orders for your website. Facebook comes with the most advanced detailed targeting options for you so that you can exactly target the right audience who will purchase your products.


No.2 – Twitter


Twitter is another best platform for e-commerce business. Almost 52% of users purchase products because they’ve seen them on Twitter first. Using Twitter is the very best way to get the user’s attention. On Twitter, you can’t sell products directly. First, you need to provide value and content about Products and then approach them to purchase them.


No.3 – Instagram


Most e-commerce website owners Focus on new youth and most of the children you’ll see on Instagram. That’s why it’s the topmost famous social media platform, and businesses are spending millions for Marketing on Instagram. Around 500 Million+ Users are actively using Instagram monthly. Instagram can be a great platform for e-commerce businesses.


No.4 – Snapchat


If you’ve high-priced products, then Snapchat is the best platform to sell your products. Because the Snapchat user’s buying decisions are powerful, and if you’re marketing to the right Snapchat audience and your product is in demand, you’ll get tons of orders. Around 150 Million+ Active monthly users are available, and you can easily find your potential customers on Snapchat. 71% of Snapchat users are under age 25.


If you want to run a successful e-commerce store, you need to focus on these platforms for marketing purposes mainly. But it would help if you created a well-planned strategy to do Marketing on these social media platforms to generate the desired output.

Importance of Content on Social media platforms

Social media platforms are not only for directly selling products. On social media platforms, you can create Valuable content, share details about products and offers. By using social media platforms, most companies increase their brand value and build loyal customers. When you do Marketing, then you’re only selling one product. Still, when you make your community of millions of people visiting your website without any Market, you’ll get orders without spending any cost. That’s the power of social media platforms and businesses creating content and providing value to their customers.

Final Verdict

Social media platforms are the best way to grow your ecommerce store. You can increase your brand by marketing on social media platforms and create content to build loyal customers. With social media platforms, you can specifically target the right audience interested in your products, and that’s how you can stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details about social media platforms’ role in e-commerce websites and the benefits of using social media platforms. After reading this article, we hope you can grow your Ecommerce business and implement all the necessary strategies we discussed in this article.

Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq is a freelance writer, digital marketer, tech enthusiast and, educationist from Pakistan. He runs Geekydecade (a Business Marketing Blog) to spread business and marketing awareness among the masses.

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