Social Benefits of Homeschooling

People usually believe that homeschooled kids do not know how to socialise or are bad at it.

People generally think that if a child is not going to school, he will not learn to socialize because there is no way that they can make friends. They think that homeschooling means a kid has to stay at home all day, every day and has no interaction with the outside world. All of this is completely untrue. Homeschooling has a lot of social benefits. 

  1. Social at Gatherings

The gathering can be either being at one place or being in the same space online. Since homeschooling is also done through online teaching, it can mean both. The homeschooling curriculum is planned in a way that involves gatherings, group activities and promotes cooperative learning. Some classes require the students to sit still and quiet but then, there are also fun activities for all the students. So, students make friends even if they are not going out to learn and meet their friends daily in a traditional school. 

  1. Interaction with seniors and juniors

In a homeschool world, hanging out with children of your age and class is almost non-existent. You will find a third standard student making friends with a seventh stand kid. There is no room for groupism. All of them look at each other as potential friends. There is nothing wrong with hanging out with younger kids or someone older than you when you share the same interest. 

In a traditional school, this is usually not seen. Students are friends with only their classmates.

  1. No Outside Influence 

People tend to believe in the label that society puts on others. A person gets influenced or believes in what his friend has to say about another person. This also happens in the traditional school setting.  The homeschooling format is also influenced by it. However, its influence is very less. 

In homeschools, kids interact with whoever they want to without the influence or the labels put by others. They can form their own opinion. When there is less influence from other kids, there is openness between them. They do not have a pre-image of them in their minds. 

Some schools conduct languages classes like Hindi or Sanskrit or any regional language class for all the sections at the same time. The students split up according to their subject choice. If a kid also has friends in his section, he will feel inferior in front of students of other sections. Homeschooling does not have any such problem as students choosing their friends.

Kids learn about different personalities and there is a sense of inclusion.

  1. A Kid Gets to Be Themselves

Is your child interested in learning music? What if he does not like to keep his hair short? What if your daughter does not like pleating her hair that the school makes her do regularly? Many times, kids are forced to comply with the rules and norms set by the school. A child may not be interested in dancing and may be very bad at it. This might lead to other kids laughing and bullying him. There is no space for all these in homeschooling. 

A kid can pursue his interest without the fear of being judged. He can invest his time in things that intrigue him, apart from studying. The students can talk about their interests with their friends and also learn about others interests. 


Homeschooling has its own sets of benefits in regards to socializing. Worrying about the lack of socializing opportunities and not opting for homeschooling is not a good reason. Mobile teacher app makes homeschooling easier in today’s world. Students can interact with other kids and make online friends, parents can help them organise playdates with their friends. 



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