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Space Race: China Builds Space Station

Beijing considers conquering space as its top priority. China is looking to challenge the USA in a number of areas of technology. Space Race has resumed: China builds a Space station. It is great news for the space world. China sent its first human space mission on June, 16. NieHaisheng, liuBoming and, Tang Hongbo, the 3 astronauts, were departed for space on a Shenzhou-12 spacecraft. They took a space flight from jiuquan satellite launch center. These 3 manned space missions will spend 3 months in space. Their task is to test required technologies for space stations construction and its operation.

It is a feather in the communist party’s cap as they are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their foundation. China resumed its efforts in April when it launched one of the modules to establish space station “Tianhe”‘. China sent its 2nd space mission “Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft to join Tianhe. This spacecraft carried logistics and other food supplies for astronauts. China has declared to send 11 space missions this year.

The space race resumed when Vice President, Mike Pence, initiated galvanizing NASA’s return to the moon in 2019. It was nostalgic to remember the 1960’s when the USA beat USSR in space race. But now the scenario was quite different. This time China emerged as a rival. Bill Nelson, NASA’s administrator warned Joe Biden Govt that China has big ambitions in space. He asked the sitting cabinet to increase funds. NASA is not ready to combat its rivalry. The prime motive of asking for an increase in space race funds is to secure superiority.

Zhang Zifen, Director of the space station, “Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre” declared the mission completely successful. The Chinese space station is equipped with separate sleeping areas for astronauts and a space-to-ground communication facility. The 2nd largest economy in the world seems to expedite its space exploration campaign and challenge US supremacy in every field of life.

China takes this initiative to combat the joint opposition of the USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. The union barred China to send its astronauts into international space stations (ISS). Chinese constructed space station is expected to remain functional for the next 10 years as compared to ISS which will be dismantled in 2024.

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