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Top 11 Richest People

Having rich parents provides a person with powers, status, fame, good education, and more opportunities for growth. It is also said that those born in affluent households are supposed to live in wealthier neighborhoods. In this way, they face less competition as compared to their fellow beings and get a better chance for quality education and health resources. But it is astonishing that the richest dads of the world have decided something exactly opposite to these prevalent thoughts. Here lies the list of the top 11  richest people of the world who decide to donate all their riches among the general masses as charity.


1. Simon Cowell


Simon Philip Cowell, English television  icon, entrepreneur and judge of British Television competition series Pop Idol has planned to give away his wealth for kids and dogs. He has declined to pass down his wealth to his son “Eric Cowell”.

Simon Cowell, the X factor judge expressed his thoughts while giving an interview to Esquire Magazine. ”I don’t believe in passing on wealth from one generation to other”. He remarkably states that best legacy of a person is to give his children adequate time and let them to learn the skills for earning their livelihoods.


2. Warren Buffet


Buffet, tycoon of business world having a huge wealth of more than $ 150 billion states to give a small portion of his accumulations to his children. He has pledged to donate 99% of his earnings over his lifetime. His initiative of Giving Pledge will persuade more business profile to disburse their fortunes among non profits.

He is well known for his charity. He believes in the philosophy of ” A very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing.”


3. Bill Gates


Bill is among those top 11 richest people of the world who have decided to donate all their riches. Gates is determined to provide every opportunity of getting quality education to his three children Rory, Jennifer, and Phoebe. On the contrary, he has declined to pass on his affluence as an inheritance. He tempts his children to make their careers themselves.

He is of the view that children should be given great education and some money so they might not get poorly off. Bill Gates has a net worth of $150 billion is already funding health and education projects. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is known all over the world for giving huge charity to spread education and eradicate diseases.


4. Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an internet entrepreneur, media magnate, and philanthropist. He along with his wife Priscilla Chan has pledged to give away a huge portion of their wealth. The couple believes in the disbursement of wealth among the common people to promote equality and advance the human potential for the next generations.

Mark Zuckerberg falling on the list of the 11 richest people in the world became a billionaire at the age of ’30s is not planning to pass on his wealth to his young daughters Maxima Chun Zuckerberg and August Chun Zuckerberg.


5. Sting


Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, also known as Sting is a world-famous English musician and actor. Sting stated in an interview to Daily Mail, “He decides not to transfer any inheritance in form of cash to his offspring Mickey, Joe, Elliot, Jake, Fuchsia and Giacomo.

He believes to help children only if they are entangled in some trouble. He has made it clear to his children that there would not be much money left as we are spending. He has made his children learn work ethics so that they can become self-empowered on merit.


6. Elton John


Well known musician Elton does not believe in leaving his children in a very sound financial state. He is of the view that excessive affluence always spoils the children. He expressed in an interview given to Daily Mirror, “It is terrible to give kids a silver spoon as it ruins their life.”

He says that boys live the most incredible life. He wishes his boys must not to be normal kids but with outstanding skills. He asks them to have respect for work instead of money.


7. Nigella Lawson


Nigella Lucy Lawson is an English food writer and television cook. cookbook queen does not intend to pass on the legacy to her children. She holds assets worth $20 million which she inherited from her well-to-do family. She has declined to transfer this wealth to her offspring Cosima Thomasina Diamond and Bruno Paul Diamond.

She feels that financial security should not be a big deal for her children. During an interview with Weekly magazine, she states, “Too much money destroys the capability of descendants to earn.”


8. Jackie Chan


Stunt king, Jackie Chan plans to give away his money as charity. He has declined to pass on his wealth of $400 million to his son Etta Ng Chok lam and Jaycee. He has also been nominated as Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. He actively plays his role to save animals from any kind of abuse.

His own foundation, Jackie Chan charitable foundation helps youngsters of Hong Kong with scholarships.
UK’s Metro News revealed his words about his son,”if he is capable he will earn his own and if he is not he will waste mine. ”


9. Gene Simmons


Gene Simmons is an American-Israeli musician, writer, and vocalist. He has not planned to hand over his $ 400 million wealth to his offspring Sophie Simmons and Nick Simmons.

He states in an interview given to CNBC, “What I wanna do is what every bird does in his nest-he forces the kids to go out and figure out for themselves.”


10. Ted Turner


Ted Turner, founder of Cable News Network (CNN) having huge financial assets of $2.2 billion is considered as one of the biggest tycoons in the digital media world. He has tempted his 5 children to participate in charitable work on an equal basis.

He made it clear to all his children that at the time of his death all his wealth will be reserved for charitable purposes. He is determined to act on his father’s advice of setting goals so high which can not be achieved during his lifetime. This vision keeps him energetic. He always finds himself ready to make this world a better place for coming generations to live.


11. Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip was a director, American tv actor, and producer. He became famous for gritty character studies in independent films. Holding a wealth of $ 25 at the time of death in 2014, his will came to dawn. No portion of the wealth was reserved for his children. Washington Post revealed that he does not want his children to be known as “trust funds Kids”.

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