Top 3 Virginia Cities for Political Junkies

If you enjoy politics, you can’t get much closer to the action than Washington D.C. and the surrounding states. One of those states is Virginia, and there are plenty of cities in this state that will appeal to political junkies. 

Some of these cities are in such close proximity to Washington that the political excitement just leeches over to them. Others just have their own political excitement within them. If you are planning a move or a visit to Virginia and want to be close to some political actions, consider these cities:


Arlington is an obvious choice, since it is basically a part of Washington D.C. Many people who live in Arlington commute into D.C. for work. Others work at the political institutions located in Arlington itself, such as the Pentagon. If you are looking for a job in politics or to visit some politically significant places, Arlington is a top choice of Virginia cities.

If you like the idea of being this close to the heart of politics in the country and want to make the move to Arlington, there is plenty of Arlington real estate available.


Alexandria is another Virginia city in close proximity to Washington D.C. and to Arlington. It is located on the banks of the Potomac several miles south of the capital. Alexandria is also known for its large population of federal employees, with two of the top employers in the city being the Department of Defense and the Institute for Defense Analyses.

If you enjoy the history of politics, there is a rich political history in Alexandria. It is the hometown of George Washington and has many sights that were frequented by the founding fathers of America.


Slightly different from the direct politics around Washington D.C., the politics around Norfolk involve the military. Norfolk is home to Naval Station Norfolk, which is the largest naval base in the entire world. Taking the politics a little further for those deeply interested in the subject, Norfolk is also home to one of NATO’s two Strategic Command Headquarters.

So if you have an interest in politics as well as military, Norfolk would be a great option for you for a move or a visit. The city also has a lot of waterways and water access, so it is picturesque and has a lot of waterfront property to choose from if you have always wanted to live on the water.

Virginia is full of history and political junkies will love all of the political ties in various Virginia cities. Whether you want to be in the heart of the nation’s politics in Arlington or Alexandria, or want to experience some of the politics of the military in Norfolk, Virginia has a city for you.

If you are planning a visit or a move to Virginia and enjoy history and politics, consider Arlington, Alexandria, and Norfolk. There are so many Virginia cities for lovers of politics, and these three are a solid start.    


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