Top 8 Content Marketing trends 2021

Content Marketing never stops. It continues to evolve to keep consistent with ever-changing technologies, trends, and consumer requirements. Here in this article, a detailed analysis will be made about the top 8 content marketing trends for 2021.

What is the need for Content Marketing?

For instance, the rapid increase of advanced gadgets like cell phones, social media, voice search, and other tools of such kind devise innovative ways to stay on the top.

It is a need of an hour to understand the mix-up of social media platforms. Facebook, the most popular social media forum pulls older demographic while TikTok fascinates youngsters.

Fingster is very effective access to the audience content marketers need to make very calculated decisions while keeping in view these visual content marketing trends.

Business ventures and profit-seeking organizations understanding the importance of content Marketing have made a huge investment in this sector.  Monitoring trends in content management minutely, they find it beneficial and acclaim to pull a consider no of audience.

Yet to maintain their growth, marketers need to be well vigilant towards the paradigm shift of content marketing trends and keep themselves tuned about innovative content formats.

Content marketers need to be very smart about new content as what worked last year might not produce results in 2021.

They need to be very much anticipated about changing trends as well as audience behavior. Analyzing all these media planning trends, a content marketer can design a marketing strategy efficiently.

Top 8 Content Marketing Trends 2021

Adaptability and flexibility are the pivot points around which content marketing revolves. Though most of the current trends have been found as extensions of existing marketing trends yet some of them have proved a strong foothold.

  1. Content Optimization for Niche/long-tail key Words

Days have gone by when the long-form content was the focus of marketers. Paradigm has shifted from long-form content to niche/long-tail keywords. Today you are required to learn how to keep up with marketing trends. Marketers are of the view that these long-tail keywords are becoming more prevalent as they have less competition.

Google finds it convenient to rank the content having long-tail keywords. Ranking these keywords inevitably generates more organic traffic and ultimately more profits.

Hassle-free long-tail keywords can be explored with the help of free and premium tools like:

  • Semrush
  • Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest
  • io
  • Google Suggest
  • Google-related search.

Hunting the right niche of keywords relevant to your business can create around the subject content.

  1. Communities Formation

To acquire a space in a customer’s mind is far better than to acquire a space in his pocket. It is a need of hours to build a loyal community as it costs 5 times more to make new customers than to retain an old customer.

Establishing a community is 2nd most important trend amongst content marketing trends 2021. It gives trust to the product/service users as they come across each other and have strong feelings like a family.

It is not easy to find a way of getting noticed among millions of e-commerce businesses yet some tactics can be used to build customers communities like:

  • Webinars
  • Annual dinner plans
  • Special discounts and sweepstakes
  • Augmented benefits for subscribers
  1. Developing diversified Teams

Today, well-established brands are not stuffing their audience with massive content. They are using the media publishing approach.

Your business needs to develop a well-defined strategy with diversified teams. A bunch of content writers is not sufficient.

A smart businessman needs to develop a team of experts for following

  1. Channelizing Content

Modifications in the content as per demographics always create good results. It saves time and pulls more organic traffic at your business.

It simply works by streamlining following web content management trends

  • Creating infographics from surveys
  • Embedding video content in the blog as video is the future of content marketing
  • Launching of the e-book to promote products/services
  • Transcribing YouTube vides to generate and distribute Podcasts
  1. Discover Features

Mobile chrome users usually come across ‘” the discover feature’” when they open a tab. Google Discover feature which was previously known as Google feed has effectively transformed itself since its launching.

Search Engine land, Yoast, and Hub spot help to recognize Discover Features of Google. Discover feature works by combining visuals, updated content, and news.

Google enables “Discover feature” in collaboration with Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The said feature understands users’ history and shows relevant content to engage them.

Google provides you guidelines to make your content appear on “discover”. These guidelines can include

  • Creating unique and up to date content
  • Outstanding and engaging content
  • Clickbait free descriptive titles
  • High-quality graphics
  • Disclosing accurate authorship details e.g. names, bylines, publications, etc.
  1. Adding Story Features

Telling and listening to a story has been a popular time pass of people of all ages. Even trend isn’t fading in recent times. Stories are growing popular due to Google Images, social media content, and mobile searches.

A combination of all these features enhances the chances of your content search.

The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) enables readers to flick through the social media stories.

Moreover, Social media tools like Instagram guides provide curated content in the shape of texts, videos, and photos. It makes content easy to be traced.

  1. Brand Endorsement

Opinion leaders generate good word of mouth about your business. They are a good source of viral marketing.

Recommendation of your content by these brand leaders imparts a positive impression on the audience. So, potential customers change into customers.

Though Google does not opt to use subject matter content as a ranking factor yet evaluators use the trustworthiness factor in their quality rankings.

Stats reveal that 97% of the customers normally look for an expert opinion before making a purchase.

  1. Customization of Content

Segmentation of content simply means, “Process of customizing content based on Preference and profiles of customers.

Every potential customer visiting your website can be converted into a real-time customer if the right content is shown to him at the right place and time. Specific content tailored as per the need of visitor leads to take buying initiative.

A customer probing a website for interior decoration can be offered a free e-book for getting detailed information about your range of products.

Stats show 59% off tailored engagements based on past interactions are supposed to win the customers.


A lot of discussions can be made about trends but trends are not the ultimate truth. They can emerge or die at any time without a solid reason.

As a marketer, you are required to conduct a thorough research about your business and customer preferences. Moreover, a smart marketer always has deep insight into competitors as well.


Abdul razzaq is a business entrepreneur, freelancer and digital marketer. He believes in spreading mass awareness about changing digital marketing and new trends in e-commerce

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