Top 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Laser Printer

It is very sad news that there are still occasions when you need to print for home or office use, such as things required by law, of you like the feel of a piece of paper in your hand. For many businesses, laser printers look all the same too. When you want to choose a laser printer can be a decision that leads to frustration, unneeded expenses, and hampered productivity. Don’t worry! Here we have been trying to make it easy for you by highlighting the top 8 factors to consider when buying a laser printer. If you’ll want to buy a laser printer you can read this printer purchase guide before making a decision.

Inkjet vs Laser Printer

These days, different types of printers and their features appeal to different types of users. The importance of printers in the office can never be denied. But it is a burning question. Does a printer come with ink when you buy it? first of all, you may need to think about what kind of ink you want to use. The inkjet printers can be providing you with a high-quality image. On the other hand, a laser printer can give you high-quality, sharp text documents with super-fast printing speed.

Toners and ink cartridges can vary in the budget, toner cartridge price is higher than an ink cartridge. But a single toner cartridge can deliver thousands of paper. On the other site, ink cartridge price is very lower than a laser printer. So choose one from these two that which types of a cartridge are suits you the best. Inkjet or Laser Printer    

How to Choose a Printer for Small Business?

Graphics quality

How many options do you want it totally depends on your demands. What does a printer buyer do in making a purchase decision? What is the best color laser printer? Keeping in view these scenarios, we have seen that Some companies are happy with a printer which can deliver only a photocopier. But most of the company might want an all-in-one printer where you can scan, fax, print, and photocopy. So you should go through to see what your office uses often, and what kind of existing equipment you have to decide. For example, if you have already used a scanner machine, then you probably don’t need a multifunction laser printer.

It is the most important thing to consider before buying a laser printer. If you have to need delivering a high-quality image on regular basis. Then a laser printer will not suit you. If your company has been supplying design and needs to print high quality to show their clients drafts of work then an inkjet printer will be a great pick for you. On the opposite hand if are you a writing company that just needs to print text then you can choose a laser printer.

The printing speed of Printer

Laser Printer speed measured Per minute shows the efficiency of the Printer. Before purchasing a laser printer you just need to check the printer-specific sheet as per laser printer maintenance checklist and how many prints can do this laser printer. Most of the laser printer has provided hurry printing speed with great sharp text documents. If you have to need a hug printing on regular basis then you can take a single function laser printer. This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a printer.

Network Connectivity

Nowadays, most laser printer has provided multiple network connectivity. Multiple network connectivity means a printer can print from different types of machines. A laser printer can be printed with wireless, USB, Ethernet, etc. It also offers you a print from your mobile device. So you just need to check the printer connectivity system.

Paper Handling Procedure

The paper handling procedure will depend on what kind of paper you want to use, you must have to purchase a specific printer for the job. Some the users want to print mainly on cardstock and photo paper they will have to need a different printer than someone who wants to print on regular blank paper. You should never forget about the sizes of paper you want. If you have to need to print on larger pieces of paper, then you should never purchase a laser printer that is obviously too small for the job.

Working area size

The working area is a big factor and you just need to verify what types of laser printers are actually suited for you. If you are working in a big office and want to print with a laptop, you might want to consider a portable printer. A portable laser printer will give you easily afford to a bigger one.

Laser Printer running costs

It is a vital decision to select the cheapest laser printer to run. Normally we buy printers which have low running costs. But the laser printer toner cartridge price is too high almost half of an inkjet printer. Toner cartridges can be printing thousands of paper very easily. On the other hand, if you have an inkjet printer you just need to know the cost of per page printing. Though ink cartridge price is lower than laser toner cartridge the printing cost per page is so high than a laser printer.


Last few years, the laser printer has been dramatically changing all its activities. Now laser printer will be a great choice for home and office use. Importance of printer to students can not be denied as well. Most laser printers can be delivering printing text documents with high-quality images at an affordable price. Even after that, before buying a laser printer you need to know questions to ask printer vendors and also verify and cross-check the consideration before buying a laser printer.

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FAQs on Buying a Laser Printer

Is it worth buying a laser printer for home?

If you are supposed to get regular color printouts for photos and documents then it is a good option to buy a laser printer for your personal use at home. But if you come across printing needs off and own then purchasing a personal laser printer for home would incur more cost.

How do I choose a good printer?

First, you should recognize your need that whether you are supposed to buy a dedicated printer or multifunction printer. Dedicated printers are less expensive with more functions. Next, you have to choose between Inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet Printers are best for photos and Light duty usage while laser printers are best for getting printouts of office documents with higher volume.

What are the disadvantages of a Laser Printer?

laser Printers are more expensive as compared to inkjet printers and they consume more expensive toner cartridges. But in the long run, their cost is compensated due to fast printing speed and lesser single-page printing cost.

Do Laser Printers Dry Out?

No. It is not true. Unlike the Inkjet printers, their toners are not dried up even if you leave them idle for a long time. The fine powder is used in laser printers to form text and images which does not get dried.

What is the average cost per page for Laser Printer?

5-8 cents is an average cost which is incurred on printing a black & white page. However, the printing cost of color pages and high-quality graphics can rise to 60 cents

What is a Monochrome Laser Printer?

It is a black & white printer with laser technology used by professionals and other business concerns. It prints documents with black ink in combination with laser technology

How long does Laser Toner Last?

Toner cartridges are useful for two years or even more than that.

Is refilling Toner worth it?

Refilled Ink cartridges don’t print with the same efficiency as compared to genuine OEM cartridges. Refilling a cartridge can save money but at the cost of compromising quality.


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