Toyota Certification: Why Toyota Dealership Employees Need to Get Certified

Toyota certification can help increase your credibility and credibility, in turn, can lead to more successful sales, better customer satisfaction and higher profits overall. Here’s why Toyota dealership employees should look into getting certified by Toyota and how the process works.

Toyota Certified Employees are your main point of contact when it comes to any issues relating to your Toyota or Lexus vehicle. Toyota Certified Employees are also certified in all of the latest Toyota and Lexus technologies, and they understand how to take care of your vehicle properly so that you can be confident it will last as long as possible while maintaining its value.

This means you’ll spend less time working with your Toyota or Lexus dealership to get repairs done or buying new parts, and more time on the road driving in comfort.


Toyota has made an important decision that will change the way we do business. All new Toyota and Lexo dealerships need to have at least one certified employee. The Toyota certification process is not hard and only takes a few minutes.

What I didn’t know before getting certified is that I would be given discounts on my parts, tools, fuel, training, and accessories. Now I am proud to say that I am a certified Toyota dealership employee!
The Toyota certification process is really simple. There are only four steps to get certified as a certified employee.

First, you need to fill out your personal information (e.g., address, phone number).

Second, you select the type of employment relationship you have with the dealer (i.e., do you work for them or did they train you?)

Third, if you are currently employed by a Toyota or Lexus dealership then answer yes and no if you don’t work for them but were trained there.

Fourth, you submit your personal information for approval. It can take up to 24 hours for your application to be approved and certified by a Toyota or Lexus dealership employee.

Once you ger Toyota certification, you can start saving money on parts, tools, fuel, accessories, and training!

What is Toyota Certification?

Toyota Certification is a certification process that requires employees of a Toyota or Lexus dealership not be employed by another car manufacturer. The intent of this certification is to ensure the integrity and impartiality of the employee in his or her dealings with customers.

The Toyota certification does not apply to any other non-Toyota brands, such as Ford, Honda, etc. You are certifying that you are employed by a Toyota or Lexus dealership and that you do not have any type of employment relationship with Toyota.

The Benefits of Getting Certified

Toyota and Lexus dealership employees need to get certified. Here’s why…
*Certification gives you an inside look into the latest products, features, and technologies
*You can stay up-to-date on all of the latest news from Toyota/Lexus
*It’ll help you become a better salesperson!
*And it’s a great way to stand out from your competition.

Most people don’t know about Toyota certification and don’t take advantage of this opportunity. You’re in control – make the decision today.

How to Get Certified

Toyota certification is a requirement for anyone who is employed by a Toyota or Lexus dealership. The qualification process is made up of two parts-a written exam and a practical exam.
In order to get certified, you will need to take the steps below:
1. Complete the online application form, which includes your personal information, employment status, and dealership information.
2. Take the written certification test available on the Certification website
3. Take the practical certification test at your dealership
4. If you pass both tests, you will be able to print out your certificate!
5. You must have your Toyota Certification number with you when taking the practical certification test in order to be allowed access into the testing area.


Toyota has done an amazing job of providing ways for employees to get certified. The process is simple and straightforward, but it will take some time. It is worth the time and effort because the benefits are so great. Getting certified is easy, but you need patience and perseverance.


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