Types of Surgery That Are Most Effective in Treating Breast Cancer

Many patients with breast cancer look to surgery as the most effective form of treatment, but there are so many types. It is important to discuss with your doctor which types of surgery will benefit you the most. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. That being said, breast cancer used to be fatal and it’s still treated aggressively. According to breast cancer specialist Dr Sandra Krishnan, one of the main treatments for breast cancers is surgery, but there are five different types of surgery that are as follows: lumpectomy, mastectomy, lymph node excision, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and conventional axillary lymph node dissection.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Within breast cancer, five different types are most effective in treating the disease. These include lumpectomy (surgical removal of the lump in size of 2cm), mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy (removes metastatic cells from a specific breast where radiation may have been administered and smaller more precisely controlled doses given), focused radiation therapy, and reconstructive surgery. Each type has its purpose to combat the spread of cancer within the body.

Different types of breast cancer appear to have different disease progressions and survival rates. For example, lumpectomy is one of the most common treatment modes but can result in a more rapid disease progression than mastectomy, which also produces a higher risk of local recurrence and a lower overall survival rate. Distant metastasis has also been associated with chemo treatment as an additional strategy

Types of Breast Cancer Surgery

Many different types of breast cancer surgery exist, some having a low success rate while others have a relatively high success rate. Below mentioned are some breast cancer surgeries that have proven to yield the best results for patients. These treatment options are: 

  • Lumpectomy
  • Wide Local Excision
  • Partial Mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy And In-Field Chemotherapy 
  • Full Mastectomy
  • Bilateral Mastectomy

Lumpectomy is most effective in treating early-stage cancers. Mastectomy and local excision both remove malignancies composed of only that tissue. Bilateral oophorectomy removes the cancerous ovaries and increases the chance for statistical survival after surgery after five years from 10-15%. Breast cancer is more likely to spread if it has not been completely removed by total mastectomy. To determine who’s a candidate for these surgical methods, patients should speak with a doctor to find out what type they may be a suitable candidate for. The surgical outcomes do not always correlate with each other as indicated by a study done in Europe where lumpectomy yielded higher rates of patient survival than partial mastectomy after controlling for other factors.

Major Fatality Rates and Length of Stay Post Surgery

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. It gets worse as it has spread to surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. In some types of breast cancers, other treatments such as chemotherapy have a limited effect, so surgery carries the highest hopes for successful treatment. Oncologists use different types of surgeries to help treat this condition.

Advanced Treatments for Breast Cancer: How Does it Help?

Double mastectomies and liposuction work to remove all of the cancerous cells from the body, which essentially means that your doctor won’t have to operate again. These processes eliminate 90% of the risk of recurrence within 1 year. Surgery can also target lymph nodes responsible for sending the cancerous cells back in order to further improve one’s long-term outlook. With the advancements in medical technology over the years, doctors like Sandra Krishnan have been able to make more precise incisions smaller and lighter, enabling them to go deeper without causing much pain. When considering treatment it is important to understand which procedures have proven benefits and the potential complications, get in touch for more information on her official website.

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