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What is Optimum Quality Extrusion Blow Molding?

Extrusion blow molding is one of the most common technologies in the field of plastic. Plastic manufacturing is one of the most common ways that can bring in great quality goods. And if you are looking to improve how your plastic company is working, this article is for you. You can get amazing results with the tips and tricks you will find in this article. The article will be a life-changing one for people who wish to improve in this field. So, if you are a factory owner and wish to improve your production and other prospects. These tricks can help you get optimum quality extrusion blow molding products.

Tips for Optimum Quality Extrusion Blow Molding

1: Awareness of Increase in Regrind

The first tip is to keep material handlers aware of the increase in the regrind. The thing is that you should keep these handlers aware of how to keep the level to a safe point. The point is that there should be a way for the handlers to be able to check quickly. If they can check rapidly, it can help the process. To improve the speed of this checking process, you can tail flash with the safety gate. This way, the operator can check quickly if the regrind has increased.

2: Good Control Over Parison:

To make sure the process of extrusion blow molding goes well, do this:

  • Replace inadequate programmers
  • Make sure the programmer is responsive
  • Try to keep the facility in-house as it can really improve the quality

These tips can improve extrusion manufacturers in making things that may be better in quality. All of these tips are for the people who are looking to make a new factory. The same tips can help the people who already have factories and wish to improve them. You can get optimum quality extrusion blow molding results from these.

3: The Importance of In-house Resource:

There is great importance of in-house resources in extrusion blow molding. And all the plastic molding companies in Pakistan should follow this. If you wish to supply plastic products, make sure that you have an in-house resource. They can make a difference by keeping the work according to the need.

This is the way you can bring changes in the process you may be running things with. Other things to follow are:

  • Try building ovalization expertise as an in-house resource
  • The situation may be different for brand owners and processors
  • For brand owners, the weight of the product must be low. This way, if you want to have your own resource, you can keep the cost lower

4: Testing for Brand Owners:

As testing may take longer than other processes, it can be a difficult thing for brand owners. To get the benefit, you can run lower-weight things as samples. And then you can market time up. When it is evident that the lower-weight containers may perform, you can reduce the weight. These points can help give optimum quality extrusion blow molding products.

All the above-mentioned tips can help the people who are doing extrusion blow molding. In addition, these tips can help them with the management of resin. This can lead to providing optimum quality extrusion blow molding. 

5: For Material Melt Temperature being High:

If the material’s melt temperature is too high, you can try using fuselage temperature that should be lowered. Similarly, you can make the head temperature lower to get improved results. If you are making HDPE products and you are not getting results, try using higher-density resins.

Moreover, you can use lower melt flow rates. Finally, to improve the molding cycle, you can increase screw speed to maximize the speed of molding.

6: For Issue of Overall Crimping:

For crimping issues, you can improve the die core outlet. Make sure that evenly discharge is done and the core gap should be adjusted. To improve the results, you can make heated uniformity of the head. The other reason for such issues can be too much extrusion speed. This can come into play because of too low a melt temperature. If there are no issues with the HDPE plastic bottle process of this kind, the process can go smoothly.

7: The Parison Edge Issues:

There are different things that you need to be careful about if there is an issue with the parison edge. Some of these are:

  • The core temperature could be too high, and the parison could be crimped inwards
  • The mandrel may be too high, and the parison could be curled inwards

8: How to Avoid Parison Rupture and Inflation:

The reason behind these issues can be too large of an inflation ratio.

  • Make sure that you use a smaller inflation ratio
  • Make sure that the core discharge is not uneven
  • Make sure that the extrusion speed is kept well
  • Make sure the molding speed is good
  • Ensure that there are no surface flaws of the parison
  • Inspect the head splitter for damage
  • Clean the barrel and head of the machine
  • An insufficient force of clamping can cause this as well, so increase it appropriately

9: Gas Bubbles:

This issue can come because of:

  • The level of raw material moisture content is too high
  • The fuselage or head temperature could be too high. For this, make sure that the melt does not get decomposed with temperature
  • The air could be entering from the hopper


All of these things can improve the quality of plastic extrusions suppliers that could help. To be the best ones in the market, you should follow these points. These points can help bring a difference in the work. To be precise, these points can be the guide to success. Following these tips can help optimum quality extrusion blow molding results that can astonish you. These processes can cut short the need for replacing machines and so the need for high costs. These tips will surely be helpful for people who are involved in this business and wish to improve their outcomes.

FAQs related toOptimum Quality Extrusion Blow Molding

What factors should be considered while designing Blow-molded Bottles?

Designing Blow-molded Bottles is an art that should e dealt with tactfully. Commodity materials, engineering resins, cavity blow ratio, sidewalls, shrinkage, cooling, and venting are some of the prominent factors in designing blow-molded bottles.

What is the difference between extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding?

Extrusion Blow Molding involves the use of heated extrusion material in comparison to injection blow molding. While injection blow molding deals with injecting heated material into a mold.

What are the three main types of Blow molding processes?

The Blow Molding Process can be executed in multiple ways. But these three factors are very useful
1. Injection Blow Molding (It uses a core rod throughout the blow molding process)
2. Extrusion Blow Molding (The Extrusion blow molding process can be executed continuously or done in various phases)
3. Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Which plastic is used in blow molding?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene of Higher Density (HDPE), Polypropylene are some of the plastic types which are used in the Blow Molding Process.

What is the minimum air pressure required in Blow Molding?

A required amount of air pressure is always needed in the blow molding process. This air pressure is required for blowing bottles. Though The minimum capacity of air pressure applied is 400 Kilopascal (kpa) yet it depends upon the nature and quality of molding material.


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