What You Need to Know to Ship Candles Safely?

Candles were used for lighting in the past, now these candles are used for relaxation, decoration, etc. The candles are made up of paraffin wax that is lightweight and soft, so it broke easily if you don’t protect it properly. For shipping purposes, you need to know the packaging of the candles that protect your candles perfectly. You can use Custom Candle Boxes for the shipping of candles.

What you need to know to ship candles safely
For the shipping of candles, use some safety materials like bubble sheets, thermapol balls, custom candle boxes, etc. Shipping charges depend upon some factors before shipping a survey for them.

Cost in Shipping of Candles

The cost of shipping varies from product to product. There is not shipping price of every product is the same. Its price depends upon the factors are as follow:

  • Weight: Firstly, your shipping cost depends upon the weight of the product.
  • Distance: Secondly, it depends upon the distance between the customers and the business.
  • Dimension: It also depends upon the dimension of the product. For example 2-dimension, 3-dimension etc.
  • Speed: It depends upon the period in which your product is delivered to your customer.
  • Courier Service: It allows you to ship your product from one place to another.

In the case of shipment of candles, it should be handle carefully because it is soft and fragile.

Things to Pack your Candles Safely

There are some points to keep in mind and should follow during the time of shipping of candles.

  • Use the Safety Material for the Packaging of Candles

As you know that candles are made up of fragile material so that you can use some safe material for the packaging of the candles. In shipping, your product may face some hurdles so that it may result in breaking. Consequently, use a bubble sheet in the packaging so that it can protect your candle. You can also use Eva foams for the packaging so that it can grasp your candle firmly.

  • Protect your Candles from Extreme Temperature

Candles are of soft wax paraffin material, so they easily melt at extreme temperatures, in addition, to protect it from this problem, you can use Custom Candle Boxes that are coated with UV. This coating will not allow the ultraviolet rays into the box, and the temperature inside the box remains normal. You can also use frozen gel this also protects candles from heat.

  • Use Perfect and Suitable Packaging for your Candles

Choose a high-quality box for the packaging of your candles. The high-quality box reduces the risk of breaking candles. There are many boxes available for the packaging of the candles. Corrugated boxes are preferable for shipping purposes because this box consists of three tire layers, so it is hard and rigid. Furthermore, it can bear weight easily. Custom Candle Boxes can be efficiently designed, you can print on your corrugated-made custom boxes.

  • Bundling of Candles

If you pack your candles in bulk so it can reduce the risk of breaking. You may listen to the phrase “Make your flutes agree” you can follow this phrase in the packaging. You can pack your candles by a pack of 3, 6, 9, 12, etc., or any according to your desire. In addition, you can also pack a bundle of candles by weight.


  • Safety Precautions from Pandemic Diseases or Viruses

 In the present era, we are all fighting from Covid-19. It’s a deadly disease, so it is compulsory to use precautions before and after touching the boxes. According to the research on the corrugated box, the life of Coronavirus is 72 hours and on cardboard boxes is 24 hours. So use sanitizers, or disinfectants spray before and after shipping of boxes

Tips for Shipping Candles Safely

There are some important tips that you should follow while shipping candles.

  • Get Quotation

When shipping, consider the different companies that provide shipping services and compare the prices of all companies and choose the best and suitable service for your product. You can order your packaging and ship your candles through the City Of Packaging. They are also providing packaging and printing services at affordable prices.

  • Use Custom Branding

Custom Packaging can boost your product in a better way, you can print your company name, logo, and designs on the boxes. You can choose your size of Custom Candle Packaging according to your product need. You can customize your box easily. Custom Candle Packaging allows you to print your desire design on the box. Printing of your custom boxes can engage more customers. It also helps to recognize the company by your customer, which can imply a good image of your company on the customer.

For the safety of your product, shipping companies can also provide insurance services, so if your product gets any damage, you can claim it from the company. They are responsible for paying your product payment if it gets any damage. This can satisfy you because the company takes the responsibility of delivering your product safe and sound. 

Conclusion: In the above discussion, you get to know packaging is important for shipping; it can save your product and reduce the risk of breaking. Custom Candle Boxes are preferred for shipping purposes these boxes can also protect your product in a better way. Use some precautions before shipping your product.


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