Why is red Hulu kratom a rare strain?

Whenever you come across various kratom strains, you often see red Hulu kratom strains. We all know about kratom and its different strains. Each one of them has its benefits and properties. But what about the red Hulu kratom? Are you planning to try it? Do you know about its properties? 

If the answer is yes, we offer this blog for you. Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the red Hulu kratom strain. The rarest strain of the kratom family. We will unfold all the corners of it to ascertain the best in it. So without wasting our time, let’s get into the topic. 


Red Hulu is different, but why?

Hulu is known to be the rarest kratom strain. And what makes it so rare is its cultivation. It is grown in hard-to-reach areas. Its name says a lot about its place of origin. Red Hulu can be vegetated only in the Hulu forest near the Kapuas river. It is one of the reasons behind its rarity. Several other factors make the strain rare. Farmers only harvest Hulu once a year and are left to get fully mature. It means they attained the maximum alkaloids content. 

What makes Hulu power-packed?

The red Hulu kratom is rich in many beneficial alkaloids. According to some analysis, more than twenty varieties of alkaloids are present in the Hulu strain. 

The primary alkaloid for which the Hulu strain is famous is Mitragynine and 7- hydroxy Mitragynine. Mitragynine is present in higher concentrations than the 7- hydroxy mitragynine. But some studies tell that the potency of 7- hydroxy Mitragynine is much more. Upon talking to the users, one can realize that most of the effects observed by the users are due to the action of Mitragynine. 

The potency story of Red Hulu Kratom

We know that all the strains of kratom are beneficial. We also know that kratom strains act differently. Its impacts vary from one user to another. The benefits mentioned can be experienced by different people to another degree. It is possible due to varying levels of tolerance among the users. Also, you may not experience them intensely. 

If you do not encounter the effects, you can increase the dosage slightly. Exposing yourself to higher content, in the beginning, should be avoided strictly. 

Let’s talk about its effects.

  • Relieving stress is the primary reason people choose red Hulu kratom. People generally use it after a tiring and stressful day. It helps you to overcome these stressful situations. It also helps in having a proper sleep. We all know we can sleep peacefully with lower stress levels. It enhances your sleep quality.
  • Acts as a stimulant: Many users reported that Hulu acts as a great stimulant. Many users take it in the morning for an energizing beginning of the day. Users also observed that this strain helps them to remain calm and focused. They said that they could be more productive with their work after consuming red Hulu.
  • Pain relief: People generally use kratoms for pain relief. And this strain of kratom will not disappoint you if you are also suffering from any pain. It helps the user to control pain. Hulu strain also possessed powerful anti-analgesic properties. You may be surprised to know but, this strain is beneficial even in opioid withdrawal.
  • Anxiety and depression: This strain is also helpful to cure symptoms of anxiety and stress. The report says it boosts the mood and helps people work more efficiently. It also enables the users to be more comfortable. 
  • Euphoric effect: Hulu strain is also helpful in providing a soft euphoric effect. It makes you feel light and stress-free.


So, let us move to the most critical part. As you know, the benefits of red Hulu kratom, there is no stopping from ascertaining the dosage. The dosage correlates with the purpose and changes according to your goal. It depends upon its interacts with your body. 

The dose depends upon:

  • First, it is vital to know the size, age, and body chemistry. All this information plays a crucial role in choosing the correct dosage. 
  • The second thing is that people use Hulu strain to energize their bodies and have calming effects. Trial and error only seem to be the most effective way to ascertain the correct dosage of the strain. It also helps to get the desired side effects. 

It is always better to start with a smaller dosage. A smaller dosage helps you in better understanding the kratom’s effects. So experts always advise the users to start with a smaller dosage. And then increase accordingly. Be careful in the amount you are taking before finalizing the suitable proportion for yourself.

Red Hulu capsules VS the powder

Both Red Hulu capsules and powders are available in the market. Being a rare strain, you may not find them everywhere. But, some premium offline and online stores sell red Hulu. Pick one between red Hulu capsules and powder. Let us study both of them one by one. 

The capsules are easy to consume compared to the powder as they come in pre-measured amounts. But the thing that the pills lack is the wide range of options offered by kratom powder. 

Kratom powder gives you innumerable options for its consumption. You can enjoy it with tea or a smoothie. Another way of consuming powder is by making DIY gummies with them. Isn’t that exciting? But there is only one way of consuming capsules. Capsules are a good pick for beginners. With the help of a capsule, they can take the right amount of dosage effortlessly. 


Expected Price 

The price range of strain varies from one company to another. It differs from 35$ to 40$ for 250 grams, and the cost for 1kg can vary between 90$ to 190$. Before buying kratom, you need to know that the price is not proportional to the quality. Do not forget to check the reviews online about the product. Also, never forget to check the reputation of the company. Better sellers offer lab tests for purity assurance.

Final word

The red Hulu strain of kratom is the rarest. It is not available everywhere. It is rare because people cultivate it only in hard-to-reach areas. It has many health benefits. It is helpful mainly in relieving you from stress. It is the reason why most people consume this strain. If you are having trouble finding red Hulu, the red Bali is a strain that is most similar to the red Hulu strain.


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