Why to Choose Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing?

Have you ever heard of work with and through people? What is the common motive to bring people closer and convert them into a community? Definitely, it is Network Marketing. Through Network Marketing a product is sold by a bunch of people. This article will discuss basic reasons to choose network marketing as a career.

Companies involved in network marketing browse the internet to get hold of optimum resources of network marketing. It is a business model which is all about person-to-person sales with the help of independent representatives.

Why You Should Join Network Marketing?

Is Network Marketing a good career is a basic question that arises in everyone’s mind before entering this particular field. It gives a good opportunity to people of all ages for earning. It even helps retired people to restart their careers even sitting at home. All the people engaged in Network Marketing are connected to each other and their individual success depends on the success in common.The Internet is full of cool people; Omegle lets you meet them. When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random so you can have a one-on-one chat.

A sense of community is developed among all the representatives of Multi-Level Marketing. It is how they find answers to the basic question, why we do network marketing?

What is Network Marketing Job Description?

These are the 3 basic things required from every individual who wants to start his career as Network Marketer:

  • Sort the right people and Strike Interest in them
  • Make it convenient for sorted people to review the information provided
  • Book the follow up of those who are inclined to join

Origin of Network Marketing

Multi-level Marketing has no formal background. It is believed that the concept of Network Marketing was derived from “Nutralite (California-based Vitamin Company). Formerly the company was involved in “Direct Selling”. But gradually they were transformed into Network Marketing.

Is Network Marketing the way of the Future?

Network Marketing has produced a lot of millionaires in the world from scratch. It is the future of business as well as jobs in the 21st century. Taking Network marketing as a part-time job now has been converted into a full-time engagement. Lucrative financial opportunities have pulled a lot of people into this sector.

What are Types of Network Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing is growing globally and includes the following types

  • Single Tier
  • Two Tier
  • Multi-Level

How does Network Marketing Work?

The working style of Network Marketing is though simple yet tricky. It engages freelancing salespersons for door-to-door selling. Multi-Level Marketing is very much concerned to have business partners. They can assist the company in lead generation.

Network Marketing is also called Home meetings network marketing as it involves work from home. It demands you streamline the network of business partners or sales representatives. They are supportive in generating leads and closing sales.

Why Network Marketing is called Pyramid Marketing?

Network marketing which is also called Multi-Level Marketing works like a pyramid. In this pyramid, a lot of sales representatives deal with the products of the same company.

When you sell in this work frame everyone above you is entitled to commission. If anyone sells the product at your Down Level, you find your commission as a shareholder.

Which are the companies involved in Network Marketing?

Companies dealing in Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing are usually single-tier companies. Their working philosophy is to recruit individuals who become direct affiliates with the company. These individuals extract their benefits from sales commissions and discounts. These companies are also called personal development network marketing companies.

Vorwerk, Mary Kay,  Perfect,  Quanjian Amway, Herbalife,  4life, and Avon are some of the examples of the companies involved in Network Marketing.

What are Network Marketing Books?

If you are interested to start Multi-Level Marketing as a career a no. of important books are available in the market. These books worth reading teach you that how you can start Network Marketing. Some of the important books are as follows:

  1. Why You need to start Network Marketing: How to Remove Risk and Have A Better Life                          Authored by: Keith Schreiter
  1. Go Pro: 7 Steps of Becoming to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.                                                Authored by: Eric Worre
  1. Be A Network Marketing Superstar                                                                                                                              Written by: Mary Christensen
  1. Book Yourself Solid

Written by: Michael Port

5.   Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing.                                                                                                             Written by: Ray & Jessica

6. Beach Money.

Written By: Jordan Adler

7. Building An Umpire

Written By: Brian Carruthers

8. The Four-Year Career: How to Make Your Dreams Fun & Freedom Come True.

Authored By: Richard Bliss

9. Ice Breakers: How to Beg You for a Presentation.

Written By: Tom Schreiter

10. How to Win Friends and  Influence People.

Authored By: Dale Carnegie

11. Think and Grow Rich

Written By: Napoleon Hill

What are Network Marketing Websites?

Though Telemarketing is considered a prime source of Network Marketing it is not the only source that can help you to be successful in Multi-Level Marketing. There are some other vital resources that are considered as part and parcel of Network Marketing.

Behind MLM

This is a useful website and helps all those persons who want to choose network marketing as a career. It guides you on how to equip yourself with advanced marketing skills and build your MLM Money Diary. It gives the network marketer important tips to develop sales funnel. Analysis reveals marketers love Network Marketing after thoroughly probing this site.


Ray Higdon

It is the best website to train those persons who want to choose Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as a career.  This gives you MLMopening lines. The website is equipped with resources and tools. These tools help you to build an extensive downline of distributors and expand sales using the internet.



If you want to generate sales leads and expand your network marketing business, this website is the best source. They guide the users with the help of audiovisual (A/v) aids to become an effective MLM marketer.



It is another important website that provides a long array of network marketing features. This site helps in matching the talent with compatible projects. Marketing Professionals help novices to learn Multi-level Marketing skills for network marketing on this site.


My LifeStyle Academy

This is a great forum to share experiences and expertise over the internet.

The websites give an opportunity to learn from experts and successful people in the industry.  A lot of success stories are available on blogs to motive newcomers. It frees its learners from the confusion of Is networking business good or bad? It also answers the basic query of its readers like why Network Marketing is the future.


Infinite  MLM Blog

This website is a vital source of grabbing important Network Marketing software. This software help all those guys in running their own network or tracking down the line who are interested in choosing network Marketing as a career.


Online MLM community

It is another glorious source for network marketing. This site provides Networking Marketers an opportunity to learn network marketing skills free of cost. The website is being run by Charles Holmes.

Holmes is an author and entrepreneur.  He has developed expertise in network marketing skills. He trains individuals to start their careers as network marketers.


10 Basic Reasons to Choose Network Marketing as Career

  1. Be your own Boss

Network Marketing is a methodology of direct marketing in which an individual harnesses his personal network to grow business. He has the liberty to adopt innovative ways to bring more people into the network and increase sales.

Importance of training in Network Marketing can never be denied. You are given formal training to introduce yourself and the products to a common man. Afterward, handsome commission opportunities lead you to discover new horizons of lead generations.

  1. Low-Risk Factor

Multi-Level Marketing does not demand a huge commitment of financial investment. Investing a couple of dollars can help you to purchase daily usable commodities. The actual challenge which you face is to market these products and bring more people to network.

A very low-risk factor is involved in this business as this is safer than entrepreneurship. Even no entrepreneur can avoid risk in a startup but can learn to manage it. So, facing minimum risk to choose Network Marketing as a career can be the best reason.

  1. Earning Potential

The more you develop your skill set, the more you earn. Choosing Multi-Level Marketing as a Career can be an opportunity as it doesn’t cap your earning limit.

Unlike Market standards where salary is fixed according to your job description, here there is no compulsion for financial gain. Your earning capacity leads you to grow without any hindrance.

  1. Hot Selling Products

Companies like Avon, Mary Kay having sound market repute normally sells quality products. So choosing these companies as Network Marketing Career and selling quality goods is not a herculean task.

Being a network marketer you are supposed to cater to your target markets for hot selling products. Good communication and interpersonal skills can lead you to huge sales without hard selling.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing does not require you to recruit any employee on a permanent basis. It gives the option to choose your career as an affiliate marketer.

Working as an affiliate marketer is a hassle-free job. There are no hard and fast rules to stay at the company’s network for a specific period of time. Being your own boss, you can switch the company as per your own choice.

  1. Flexibility in Inventory Management

Product inventory is the lifeblood of any organization as more sales lead generate huge inventory management requirements. But it was true in the “Brick & Mortar system of marketing.

E-commerce has revolutionized the concept of marketing. Now, quick and ready-to-sell products can be availed without managing huge inventory. So, this flexibility of inventory management can be one of the strong reasons to choose network marketing as a profession.

  1. Low Cost

Unlike traditional sales businesses, network marketing can be started at a low cost. While choosing between traditional business vs Network Marketing, It can pay you back quickly. Using your marketing expertise you can pull the maximum no. of users of the products. You have the option to conduct a webinar or telesales call to convey your message to a massive audience. It incurs minimal cost.

  1. Easy to Switch job in some other City

If you switch to some other city due to certain circumstances, there is no need to quit a network marketing job. Today, Telemarketing and the internet are the biggest sources to manage your Multi-Level Marketing job from any city. Speedy internet and strong networking signals are your loyal friends which can help you to continue network marketing without any interruption. That’s the reason this marketing is also named freedom network marketing.

  1. Growing and Trendy Job

Stats reveal that one person out of every 13 adults is involved in Multi-Level Marketing. It is a trendy job as 6.2 million U.s residents are actively engaged in this job.

The growing market shows us that choosing Multi-Level Marketing as a career is a wise decision as you can reap as many benefits of network marketing as you struggle.

  1. Flexible Working Hours

If you are equipped with a Desktop/Laptop and a speedy DSL connection, you need not bother to work 24/7. Smarter use of technology can help you to pull huge subscribers to your product/service.

Pitching your customers at the right place and right time can generate good sales for you. Thus you need not worry to choose Network Marketing as a career as it does not drag you to work for long.


  1. What is the highest growth rate made by any MLM company?

The highest growth rate achieved by Crowd1 is 733% while Total Life Changes with 238% was runner up.

  1. What are the 15 best paying Network Marketing Companies?
  • Amway
  • Herbalife Nutrition
  • PM-International
  • Oriflame
  • Tupperware
  • Vorwerk
  • Forever Living Products
  • USANA Health Sciences
  • Nature
  • Rodan and Fields
  • Primerica
  • ACN
  • Market America
  • Pampered Chef
  1. What Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are free to join

CTFO is a well-known marketing company that does charges its subscribers to join. You can join as a member and make commissioned sales without a fee.

  1. What is Network Marketing Job?

It denotes promoting a product and selling it to the end customers online. It also involves bringing other people into the network to aid with sales efforts.

In this way Network, Marketers are awarded the commission when one of the salespeople that they recruit makes sales or recruit some other salesperson at his down level.

  1. What are the top Networking Marketing Companies in the USA?

Following are the top-ranking US-based companies dealing in Network Marketing

  • Mary Kay
  • Amway
  • Herbalife
  • Nu Skin
  • Forever Living
  1. What are the top Networking Marketing Companies in India?

India has become the 2nd largest country in Network Marketing. Top-ranked companies of Multi-Level Marketing of India are as follows

  • Modicare
  • Amway
  • Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt.   Ltd.
  • Herbalife
  • RCM
  1. Why Network Marketing is Business of 21st Century?

Network Marketing as its name shows is expanding its reach to many countries of the world. It has successfully captured the US and Indian markets. Now at the next step, it is trying to turn employees into entrepreneurs. That’s why now it is called the business of the 21st century.

8. Is Network Marketing Good for Students?

Network Marketing is a good option for students to join. It teaches them selling skills and trains them to manage interpersonal space. MLM helps to boost up the confidence of students. It improvises their communication skills.

9. What are Top Network Marketing Companies in Pakistan?

Network Marketing became very popular in Pakistan during the last few decades. Tiens (Tianshi Group), Energetic Marketing International (EMI), Enlightenment through Learning and Implementation (ELI), DXN, Oriflame, Alliance In Motion Global (AIM), MetLife, Learning Enterprises Organization (Leo), Dial-Chin International, and Green World are top 10 Network Marketing Companies in Pakistan.

10. Why Network Marketing is Bad?

It is obvious that a marketer takes a start from his own home. You try to convince your friends and family to purchase your products. That’s how you become alienated from your social circle. It happens due to a lack of training and weak communication skills. You try to pitch everyone without managing space that creates a negative impact.

11. Why Network Marketing is Better than Job?

If you are looking for financial stability and a sound career then Network Marketing is the best choice. It frees you from a hectic job routine. You are your own boss and free to manage your prospects. Network marketing frees you from financial worries as your earnings depend upon your networking skills.


Believing in yourself, you are not required to doubt your skills. Don’t wait until a team is getting formed. No doubt leading a community is a great challenge but don’t let that overwhelm your potential. Gird up and choose Network Marketing as career.

Take the initiative to be an entrepreneur and lead from the front. No one is more deserving of success than you. Your success story must be told to motivate newcomers.

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Abdul razzaq is a business entrepreneur, freelancer and digital marketer. He believes in spreading mass awareness about changing digital marketing and new trends in e-commerce

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