List of Worst NBA Players in History | 5 Worst NBA Players of all Time

Worst NBA players – If you talk about the players of any team, you must talk about the best players and the professionals of that team. Have you ever talked or heard about the worst players on the team? Your answer will be “No”.

Usually, the Worst players are not be taken seriously and most of them are ignored but here are the players who hurt the team most and they are now in the minds of NBA lovers.

The article is about the 5 worst NBA players of all time. Following are

5 Worst and Most hated NBA players of all time:

Sun Yue:

worst nba players

Sun Yue entered in NBA in 2008-2009. Sun was deciding that he will enter the 2007 NBA draft but he was taken by a well-known team known as Los Angeles Lakers.

Sun was the first ethnic Chinese player who won the NBA championship played with the Lakers. Although, Sun was a member of the team, he didn’t receive the ring and was crowded as an NBA championship. His contract with the team was terminated because of his low performance in the game.

In just 5 minutes, Sun committed two turnovers and four fouls in only one game. These havocs made him one of the worst NBA players.

Javaris Crittenton:

worst nba players

Javaris Crittenton was convicted as a murderer. He was born on December 31, 1987, in America. He murdered Jullian Jones and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

He was picked in the first round of the NBA draft. He was selected by the Los Angeles team but he left them and joined Memphis Grizzlies. He made a contract with Washington Wizard, which was terminated due to the murder charges against him and his career ended in 2010.

Javaris as a player was not so worst but it counts in our worst NBA players list due to the murder he has done.

Javaris Crittenton is the most hated NBA Player in my openion

Brian Scalabrine:

worst nba players

Brian David Scalabrine was born on March 18, 1978, in America. He was also known as “White Mamba”. Brian’s NBA career was of 11 years. Without playoffs, he won the championship.

The worst fact about Brian is that he played basketball for a total of 11 years but he never got any improvement in his game. That’s why his career ended up. He played for four years with New Jersey Net. He also played with Boston Celtics. Then, he played with Chicago Bulls in 2010 for two years.

Cherokee Parks:

worst nba players

Cherokee is also on our worst NBA players list. As this American former professional basketball player was focusing on growing impressive Tattoos on his body, he also counts as one of the worst NBA players in history.

He was selected by Dallas in the 1995s NBA drafts and picked up 12th in the first round. After one year he goes through to Minnesota. Here he played two seasons and then joined Vancouver. In the 2000s he played with Los Angeles Clippers.

He again changes his team and ended his career with Golden State Warrior. He just changes his teams and did nothing well.

Cherokee’s NBA career was not pretty worst but the only thing which makes him unique from all worst NBA players was his tattoos.

Manute Bol:

Manute Bol Age, Height, Weight, Birthday - AgeCalculator.Me

Manute is the fifth player on our worst NBA players list. Manute Bol was a South American player. He was one of the tallest players in the NBA’s history. He was picked up in the 1985s by Washington Bullets. He played three seasons with Washington and then he joined Golden State Warriors.

Within the last five years of his career, He joined many other teams to try his luck but his performance was very low in every group. At last, he left his career in the 1995s.

Hope you enjoyed this article. This article is on the 5 worst NBA players of all time.

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